How I Met Your Monster

The Thing (with Casey Brewer)

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Hosts Zach and Danny chat with SFX artist and graduate of Tom Savini's Special Makeup Effects Program, Casey Brewer about John Carpenter's The Thing and the nostalgia of 80s horror movies. They cover topics like 80's horror, Zak Snyder's Army of the Dead, and Mortal Kombat (again).

Episode Notes

Hosts Zach and Danny chat with  SFX artist and graduate of Tom Savini's Special Makeup Effects Program, Casey Brewer about John Carpenter's The Thing and the nostalgia of 80s horror movies. They cover topics like 80's horror, Zak Snyder's Army of the Dead, and Mortal Kombat (again).

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You're listening to How I Met Your Monster, a podcast that explores the introductions to your favorite movie, Monsters. My name is Zack. I'm Danny, and I'm Casey. And together we dive into the world of horror to find out how filmmakers have introduced us to our favorite monsters time and time again. This is how I met your mother.


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You okay? We met him 15 years ago. I was told there's nothing less explorers in the regions experience humans, just Southeast Asians. To others.


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Yes. Hi, everybody. Our neighbor was so nice. They were all talking about nothing. I'm Zack, and I'm Danny Sullivan. And today we have a very special guest, a graduate of Tom Savini, Special makeup effects school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Casey grew it high. And by special, you really just mean some random lady that really loves scary movies. A.K.A. special.


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Because anyone who loves horror movies is special. That's right. We're all a special breed. Everybody who comes on this show is special. Amen. So they were talking about the thing. Are we talking about the same thing or. And what's the thing we're talking about? Well, I saw that one thing the other day called the thing. So, yeah, I think we're on the same page.


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I think that's the thing. Bravo. We did it. Casey, what thing did you watch of the thing? that thing? Yeah, From 1982. Yeah. Not like 1950, whatever. Or the thing. Positive it 11. Yeah. Now, the thing directed by John Carpenter, who also did Halloween in 1978. Now, in that movie, when they're watching a little scary movie on Halloween night, they are watching the thing from outer space, are they not?


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Yes. Which is like the setup for the movie. He whenever he would inevitably remake, which is the movie we were talking about today. No. So here's the question. Is it the thing from outer space or the thing from a lonely planet? it might be from another planet. I'm not sure. The thing I'm looking at up right now, the thing from neither.


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It's the thing from another world. Well, there you go. The thing I'm glad they say. I said the thing that's not from Earth. Yeah, There you go. So. So before we dive into the thing, I want to talk about current events. And the first thing I want to talk about is army of the Dead. Have you guys seen it?


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No, but I did get a lengthy text from my older brother. He never specifically stated that he was referring to Army of the Dead, But he had a long he had a lot to say about why he's having some trouble with modern zombie movies. Okay, so that's the extent of my, I don't know, I guess, having anything to do with that movie right now.


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I do. I have no idea. You have no idea. You have no idea what it is. Correct. Army of the Dead is the new Zack Snyder movie on Netflix. It's about a group of mercenaries. I guess they are. That are enlisted to pull a basically a bank heist in a casino in the middle of Las Vegas that has been overtaken by zombies.


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So I had a really good time with it debut. I would just want to get that right out into the open air. Right. Everything's been super 5050 from what I've been hearing, so. Okay. So the first night I didn't make it past the opening credits. I was like, this is. This is not my bag, not my cup of tea.


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I didn't even get all the way through the credits and I turned it off and I went to the last drive in which over the next day, which would have been Saturday, I decided to give it another shot. And when I turned it back on, I was like, shit, I didn't even get that. The credits. It was that disappointing, I guess.


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But I watched it and as the movie went on, I was like, you said I had a really good time with it. It is. I mean, I just said it already to Zack Snyder movie. And so it's very stylish. Well, you said you you had only gotten through the credits in the first one and Zack Snyder's other, I think it was his directorial debut is Dawn of the Dead.


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Right? You know, for he gets that movie, gets a lot of praise for the opening credits because but the the Johnny Cash song and kind of like the highlight reel of how the zombie apocalypse sort of came to be. Well, that's kind of compare. There's like, a Netflix thing on YouTube with Zack Snyder, and they just released episode one where he's talking about his opening credits sequences, and he like, treats those as like little movies.


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And so he was talking about the opening credits to Dawn of the Dead and the opening credits to Watchmen and the opening credits to Army of the Dead and. But the movie is funny. It's got. Well, what about that? What about the opening credits made you turn it off? That's. That's the question. that's a good question.


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I think it was his music choice because it reminded me too much of zombie land with which I love zombie land. But I was just like, okay, he's just doing the zombie land thing again. Yeah. And so I was like, Okay, I'm just going to turn it off because I think it was Viva Las Vegas when just like everyone's being attacked by zombies.


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And I was like, okay, it's just we've seen this a million times. But then I started it up the next day and it's like two and a half hours long, but it doesn't seem that way. But it's fun. It's there's some really gory moments. There's good comic relief, there's good action. And so basically what I'm getting at is that there's so much hate on the Internet for it, and it just makes me sad.


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Now is do you think it's a theme like like the themes of the movie? Do you think the idea that it was kind of on the sillier side kind of threw people off or where I am? I wasn't really as big of a part of it as well. I don't know if I would call it silly.


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I can only rethink still a song that to me, the comedy work just to, like, break it up a bit. And it wasn't like it didn't overtake the movie. Yeah. But again, like, it's not a movie that you really want to think about. You know, people are complaining that it's like, this movie's boring. And it's just everything we've seen before.


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And, you know, don't treat your goers like they're dumb. You all really liked the new Mortal Kombat. So do you have standards at all anymore, Zack? Wow. I enjoy enjoyed when it comes to it or bringing that Mortal Kombat. I know. It's all right. No, I love it. I love it. This is the Mortal Kombat podcast where there is a theta line here, and it is the Mortal Kombat universe.


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No, I it's funny because I love the opening of Mortal Kombat. I did, too. I thought the right thing. And then the rest of it, I was like, Wow, you guys just really went. I don't know why I expected anything from it, because, yeah, because they keep trying to do it and it's always the same thing. But, and I know, I think because I and it's one of those things where I mean, I don't love the original one, but I enjoy it and I wonder if it is that sort of like nostalgia value.


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Like, do I love it because my younger self loved it and this movie sort of it does eventually, like after that opening scene kind of goes into that direction in terms of tone. And I didn't love it. And then I'm like, Well, maybe that can either either it just didn't work or it confirms the fact that I really am just loving the original one because of that.


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And it actually isn't really that. Yeah, well, to talk about standards, Katie, I'm at the age where I don't like I'm going to be 35 in like a week. wow. Yeah. You know, I don't hang out with people older than 34. I was going to say, I thought you were still, like, 18. Yeah, Yeah. No, but I'm at the point in life, I guess I'll say where if it's like.


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If I just enjoy the movie, it's a good movie for me. Yeah. I mean, I can understand that. It doesn't have to have a plot or anything special is right. I think especially these days of like COVID where we're all sort of losing our minds a little bit and it's like, wow, it's this it's any form of escapism.


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I love it. Yeah. Ten starring because like, what's the difference between watching Mortal Kombat and enjoying it and then watching like some eighties cheeseball gore fast horror movie, which doesn't make any sense. But people are like, man, I love that movie. It's awesome. Well, let's not to keep bringing it back to like a point that I'm making, but is it the nostalgia thing?


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Is it like, yes, that it's of the eighties, you know, it's born of this era that I miss. So by default, I love it. You know, I mean, that's the question. And the eighties was like kind of when word started changing a lot, too. So. Yeah. Yeah. And that's the thing is, you know, like. Yeah, exactly.


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In the eighties was very innovative, and maybe we do. Maybe this is too mean. I don't mean because I love eighties movies. Maybe we do give it a pass in some regard because it is so innovative and it kind of breaks certain ground and it kind of doesn't give a shit about a lot of stuff. You know, it's sort of like, we're just going to tell this story, we're going to do this.


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It's super fun. So maybe audiences are a little bit more forgiving of, you know, certain certain elements that maybe would be frowned upon these days because it's like, they're shaking things up a little bit. Well, since we're talking about AIDS or special effects, let's talk about the thing about we do that on this episode called Let's Do It.


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Let's do the thing. Was it Robert GREENE that did it? Yes, it was. What else is Rob? Yes. I don't know that name. What does he worked on? Gosh, he did RoboCop. I think Total recall. Maybe both. Or maybe one of them. I don't remember. okay. But before he did The Howling, before the howling, I think that's why I know his name.


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Yeah. And he he wanted he was introduced to John Carpenter while he was filming The Fog and then basically got friendly with him and wanted him to do the thing. And he was like 47 gross. yes. Yeah. He was only 22 years old when he did the thing. Jesus. Yeah. And I think about when I was 22 and what I was doing, I was like sitting in a car smoking a joint, cursed else.


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I was eating ramen because they were like $0.12 a pack back then. The good old days were. So he was uncredited on a bunch of stuff. Before all that. He was make of effects on King Kong and Star Wars. A new hope. Wow. we're talking about the assistant makeup artist, Rob King. One that makes sense, as Rick Baker did, King Kong.


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And okay, I know he was. That's how part of how he got in with John Carpenter to Estabrook. Baker. Okay. and he worked on Piranha and the Fog and Maniac Airplane, The Howling, the thing, Twilight, John Legend. All these movies scared me when I was little. he did. I mean this topic. But do you guys know what happened on the set of the Twilight Zone?


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Some people died, right? Yeah. Two kids got, like, cut in half by a helicopter blade or something. Yeah. Kids? Yes. They were violating, like, all kinds of child labor laws and. gosh. that's the one where it's like World War. They go back to, like World War Two or something. Right. Time thing. my God. I had heard that, but I didn't know all the specifics.


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That's crazy. So Robert Keane also did the make up effects for seven. Yes, he did. That's cool. So he knows his way around some body horror. he does. Don't know a stranger. You know what his best make up effects movie probably is? What, In 2002, he made. You're about to make a joke. In 2002, he was the special Make-Up effects artist on Mr. Deeds.


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wow. That's a career high right there. Yeah, that's a that's an he really broke out. And people are like, Let's. Let's bring Robert Dean in, this guy. Well, that's that's that's when he went out on top, because after that, he only did one episode of Game of Thrones. And he hasn't done anything since. Yeah, there is a big I don't know what it is, but there is a thing about him dropping off the in the industry.


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It's not weird. Yeah. I don't know what it what it is. I didn't read anything about it, but I wonder if he like rerouted to like theaters something. Yeah. Bizarre. Should've looked into that. Yeah. Rob, where are you? That's documentary. Where's Robert team? There's just. If you just Google, search it. It tells you, But we're going to make, like, sort of 2 hours, like documentary.


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And that's the climax at the end that after all that, we just go it and it tells you, right? It's like, my computer finally charged. We can just look this up, found the big game, the big finale. So we meet the monster tail. Yeah. which version of the monster? Well, the very first time you meet him is in the very beginning.


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So going up there, first thing you see. Really? All right, so let's jump right in and meet our monster. And I think out of all the out of all the episodes we've done so far, of which there are not many, but I think this one has, like, the most epic introduction to a monster. You know, he's like, flying in on the spaceship, you know, like, you know, crashing through the atmosphere.


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Wait, wait, wait, wait. We forgot that there are spoilers. my gosh. Yeah. You can't forget to warn everybody about spoilers. Spoiler alert. So, yeah, spoilers for anyone who has not seen the thing. Go check it out. Well, press pause first, then go watch it, then come back because I'm sure you have nothing better to do and you can finally be introduced well reintroduced because you just watch the movie to the monster of the thing which is, I guess, just an alien maybe, or maybe not from our universe.


00;16;33;23 - 00;17;01;17


I don't know if that's ever really specified, but yeah, it's not about the journey, guys. It's the destination. You know how big the universe is? It's pretty big. Here we go. In there, Zach. Yes, that's. Well, no, it was like, Wait, what's. What's the biggest? Is it the galaxy? And that's the universe. Galaxies. Because. Yeah. And then galaxies are in the universe.


00;17;01;19 - 00;17;34;15


Okay. And then there's the multiverse, and there's alternate universes. my God. Alternate universes freak me out. Life is chaos, Zach. You just have to accept it because there's endless. There's endless possibilities. Yeah, right. Even just like that. If I would have said. If I wouldn't have paused between endless possibilities. That's a different timeline. Where I said it right, right after.


00;17;34;16 - 00;17;57;20


And there's another version of you talking about this. Talking about you talking about this. my God. There's another person, too, where we're talking about what we're supposed to be talking about. Zach's like, Hey, guys, I sort of preface this podcast episode. We need to be way more structured. Zach's like, So did you know there's an infinite amount of universes?


00;17;57;23 - 00;18;27;00


Let's. Let's chat. Let's talk amongst yourselves. All right. I'm sorry, but you were talking about the spaceship and the. Yes. Let's go back to that. Yeah. Yeah. So we've got the spaceship. It's a cold open right before the title. We've got the spaceship crashing into Earth. Little do we know it's not until a little bit later in the movie that this is 100,000 years prior to 1982.


00;18;27;07 - 00;18;46;22


Because when they. I am jumping forward a little bit. But when they do go to the crash site, they're like, he's like figuring out like in terms of like how much ice has accumulated over where the UFO crashed. He's like, yeah, that's about like it's about 100,000 years. Wow. Give or take a few, you know, a thousand years.


00;18;46;25 - 00;19;17;28


Yep. So, yeah. So that's the first time we officially meet. But that's not true. That's the first time we are introduced to the monster entering into the story. But we don't actually see the monster until not actually, not that long after the credits or the opening title pops up. Norwegian are chasing that dog. And I mean, the first time you watch it, you don't realize what's happened either, that the dog is the thing.


00;19;18;01 - 00;19;41;08


Yeah. I mean, the first time I saw this movie, I was mad. I was like, I was like, okay, I get it. You're bored. And I was like, kind of, like, figuring. I'm like, got it. They're like workers down here. They're bored. But why are you going so out of your way to try to shoot a dog? I was like, okay, So apparently and I don't speak Norwegian, but I heard that they're actually like giving it away in the opening.


00;19;41;08 - 00;20;02;22


Like they're yelling that it's an alien and that's it and everything. But I mean, that's what I've heard. I don't know if that's accurate. So in the Norwegian code, this movie where they know as Norwegian actors are the other actors is at the American base and they're speaking in English. No, I think they just ruin the whole movie for everybody.


00;20;02;24 - 00;20;25;15


Yeah. Spoiler alert. They say they're like, spoiler guys, the dogs and aliens. Sorry, but we won't be able to really sit in. Where do they speak? Norwegian. Norway. Norway? Yes, that would be correct. Although they do think they're speaking doesn't. McCready keeps thinking that it's Scandinavian. He keeps saying something else. Yeah, I don't remember. Yeah, something like that.


00;20;25;15 - 00;20;45;22


And they keep correcting him. I wonder if that was like an inside joke, because they keep. It's like a kind of a repeated thing throughout. They're like little hunting through the facility. But yeah, so yeah. So that's the first time we officially meet. It is in the form of a dog, but to be fair, we don't know that it's a monster, you know?


00;20;45;24 - 00;21;12;19


And what a clever way to introduce the monster, you know, because the whole point of the movie is like throwing him off, you know, throwing everyone off. You know, the characters can't trust each other. The audience doesn't know who is who. So then to introduce what is inevitably this like, you know, man eating a man consuming alien creature as this like thing that is universally loved for the most part, which is just like this cute, cuddly dog.


00;21;12;21 - 00;21;37;20


Man's best friend. Yeah. great. Yeah, exactly. A great way to put it. Yeah. Because at that point, it's assimilated. So perfectly that it's even when it does, like, run up to them, it's sort of it has all the basic dog mannerisms and this little clever, clever little move. They're like, Who's the guy? I should have his name?


00;21;37;23 - 00;22;04;08


Clark. Richard Masters character. I mean, they, they do event. I forgot they kind of do set up. The whole point is that you're supposed to assume that he is he was, you know, like consumed or whatever he's assimilating and yeah, I don't know. It just I forgot where I was going with that. But basically, yeah, it's just funny when you're watching it, it really just throw you off because I was convinced I'm like, it's him and there because I forgot they end up going into it anyways.


00;22;04;08 - 00;22;21;16


But I was like, Look at the way he's answering it. He's like, has a delayed response and okay, yeah, he is putting the dog in the in the cage. But is he only doing that because he's kind of like secretly wants to lead everyone to the cage once the dog kind of takes over the other dogs and but no, I was wrong.


00;22;21;18 - 00;22;49;13


So they put the dogs in the kennel. Yeah. And that's when it opens up and it attacks the other dogs right? Yeah, it's pretty instantaneous. Like right away the once. What's his face? Clark leaves the dog just straight up, just like face peels open and it starts attacking only I mean it all. I would say at this point, they were like 15 minutes into the movie and we're already at the second introduction to the monster.


00;22;49;15 - 00;23;11;05


yeah. Which is like the first time we actually see the all the gory details. Yeah. And it's just like, which is so impressive. Weird, skinless dog covered in. Yeah. Lots of K-Y jelly. Yeah. Yeah. It's like, almost like a fleshy flower opening up, like. Yeah, yeah. You know, like, it's just a I hate it, I love it, but I hate it.


00;23;11;06 - 00;23;34;08


Yeah, it's pretty nasty. But then he's got like tentacles, right? Yeah. Well this one is like his chemicals, but he also has arms that shoot up and that's how it, like, gets out of there. McCready pulls the fire alarm and everyone goes and they're like, going to shoot it or whatever. And he stretches out these really super long arms and through the ceiling and jump up.


00;23;34;11 - 00;23;53;23


Yeah. Know that. Yeah. Yeah. Because at one point they do show there are these, these weird little tentacles that are kind of like attacking the dog. But I think at that point, Casey, like you said, like at that point it's already sort of like done its damage. Yeah. And then it's already like leaping out of there. They right before it, before that happened to us, the sequence where they actually went to the other camp, start looking around at it.


00;23;53;25 - 00;24;31;20


That's right. And then they go back in evidence. Yeah. We see like alien evidence or at least some inhuman or like distorted human evidence. That's all burn, see, like the faces and yeah. yeah, that was actually a corpse. Yeah, that's a question I actually had. Now, when the alien assimilates as whatever a human dog, whatever is it sort of can there be multiple like is it passing its DNA into another life form and then taking it over.


00;24;31;22 - 00;24;54;23


But that can't be because it, there's that part where like it's transforming into a dog and like it hasn't finished yet. Yeah, it's like a, it's like a host parasite situation. Yeah. Yeah. But so they're just taking over everything because again, this is further on to the movie. But remember when they do the blood test and they burn it with the wire in the blood jump, so it even that's over.


00;24;54;23 - 00;25;17;21


Everybody. You just answered my question. Exactly. So it's kind of like it's basically it almost is kind of like a zombie outbreak in a way, and it's sort of spreading. Right. So McCready uses the computer program. no, it's not McCready. It's the guy. Blair.


00;25;17;24 - 00;25;44;03


Wilson. Yes. Without a mustache, which looks weird. Yeah. No, neither one of like, the last time. And watch it in, like, October. I didn't recognize that. It's funny. Well, he uses that computer program, and it tells them that, like, within so many days, this thing is going to take over the population. And 27,000 members. Yeah. So 27000 hours.


00;25;44;05 - 00;26;06;01


Yeah. Which is like 14 or 15 months. I did the math so it, we, we, we never bring that sort of information to this. So thank you. I like I'm very detail oriented, so I love it. Even when I write notes like I don't abbreviate anything, I don't like leave words out or any of that. This is all like complete sentences.


00;26;06;03 - 00;26;35;05


I love it. I'm in. C No, that's good. So yeah, and that's when he decides to like or does he lock himself in the room or he goes to sleep or something? Yeah, he has kind of like a meltdown. And I did have a question though, before we get to that, before that even happens, when it I actually think it might be right close around to when McCready's doing the whole chess thing on the computer.


00;26;35;07 - 00;27;03;19


Some of the guys are sitting at a table and the dog comes over and I guess bites Denny or bening's his hand and he's kind of bending like, Jesus. And they and that's the O And that's what prompts them to be like, why is the dog in the kennel? And then they put him in there. I assumed that by the dog biting his hand that the alien was going to take over like already had its DNA.


00;27;03;24 - 00;27;30;04


You know, it had figured, you know, like, cause I guess they need time to sort of like, you know, figure out like who their new host is. But then later in, I am kind of jumping ahead. But I guess this is the next transformation anyways is when Bening's is in the room and then forget is it windows? Is that the guy who comes back in with the glasses and he comes back in and he sees bening's.


00;27;30;07 - 00;27;58;15


There's like blood everywhere and the alien is like, wrapped him up in those tentacles. Yeah, yeah. But that threw me off because I was like, I thought we were going to get this reveal that, you know, it's like, you had to have been paying attention to remember that Bening's got bit. So then like, it's like it would have been like a little bit of a twist to be like, you had been the alien all along, but then he's attacked by the corpse in that other scene.


00;27;58;20 - 00;28;16;05


So yeah. Anyways, I thought that was kind of odd to even include the dog biting because then you're sort of, you're giving like two ways that it could have they could have taken over. So I don't know. I felt like a weird moment. Yeah. He didn't have to bite the guy for them to say, Why is the dog not in the kennel?


00;28;16;08 - 00;28;40;01


Yeah, because we were going to get his transformation anyways by a different means. So I don't know. Not a big deal. Just something that threw me off. And I was watching. As I was waiting, I was like, shit, something's going to happen. And it was like a totally different turn. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we ever see the monster overtake somebody, does we?


00;28;40;03 - 00;29;08;03


I mean, he starts to like like Bening's is the next one, and he starts like, bleeding from his face and his hands get all buried and then he just lets out that weird like, Yeah, yeah, you see, like that. And then like. But the, the monster is already in him. Yeah. We see him sort of like being tangled up in the thing in the tentacles and then he, the guy leaves to go grab everyone, he comes back, Bening's is gone.


00;29;08;03 - 00;29;42;02


And at that point Bening is already outside transformed. So we don't see, we see like, parts of it yet. So we don't know. We don't officially know how it overtakes the people you have. You get sort of an idea. It's it's well, when the doctor is earlier when he's doing the autopsy of the of like the burnt up muddled mess of that character earlier he's he you you see it's sort of like it's so it's such a weird movie.


00;29;42;02 - 00;30;04;28


I love it. But it is a little confusing because it's like there's a dog trance, like in the process of transforming into a dog inside side of this massive flesh that also has all the body parts of like a human. And there is there are human elements on the outside. So I don't know, it's kind of warped. It's I don't know.


00;30;05;00 - 00;30;23;20


That almost kind of implies that there's a sort of like not birthing process, but like the fact that it is sort of like incubating inside before it's released, which is why I was confused earlier when I was like, Wait, does it sort of multiply or does it take over that host? And maybe maybe it's a kind of like an amalgamation of things.


00;30;23;20 - 00;30;47;17


Like sometimes it's spread, sometimes it's formed like kind of like mitosis sort of thing. Like it just, it definitely it definitely does multiply because there are parts where there's more than one person affected. Yeah, So that makes sense. So I think it's because the, the physical effects are so crazy. It's, it was hard for me to kind of like I was like, wait, I can't follow it.


00;30;47;18 - 00;31;08;03


Stephanie Who's okay, You're you're infected, but you're okay. But that makes sense. Yeah. The effects are so cool and, like, mesmerizing that you kind of you kind of have to, like you said, you kind of get lost because you're still thinking about what you just saw. Yeah. And then you usually catch up with the story and. Yeah, so just.


00;31;08;03 - 00;31;39;05


Yeah, exactly. You're so distracted trying to figure out because it's, it's almost like a whodunit, but actually, you know, like it's a weird kind of whodunit. Yeah, but yeah, I remember I watched of some kind of documentary or behind the scenes video, and they were talking about designing the creature like the effects. And apparently, I'm assuming it was John Carpenter's at this, but I don't have the official quote and he's sort of like, Well, what's the inspiration?


00;31;39;05 - 00;31;59;08


What do you want? He's like, It's go crazy. Anything. It can look like anything. Because the whole idea is that it's like it's been to so many worlds. So it's taken on all of these different characteristics and physical features that it sometimes is just sort of like a mash up of all of the things it's encountered, which I love, right?


00;31;59;08 - 00;32;23;27


Which which. So it's never when they were making, when they were creating it, they the goal was to never make it look the same place. So which also looks from it as, you know, in effects like so much more work. Yeah. Because you're not just doing a couple of pieces and running them 100 times. You're doing right, you know, a ton of different pieces and running them a hundred times, you know.


00;32;23;27 - 00;32;44;16


Well, it is so much more work. I think you spent like 56 weeks or something like that just doing the effects. But the movie was was filmed in less than that's crazy And yeah, that's a that's a good point because like, even if you were making a movie with like an army of creatures, presumably they're all sort of of the same race.


00;32;44;23 - 00;33;07;00


So they're going to have, even if they are different, they kind of have the same similar features. Whereas like you said, this one, it's like, No, we're going to start from scratch, like every single time. That's crazy. So it is because you said that. I think it's time for our weekly IMDB trivia. You'll never get credit for my discovery.


00;33;07;00 - 00;33;32;14


Who's going to believe a talking head get a job in a sideshow In our trusted trivia source, IMDB extensive Rob Robert team during the making of the thing, Rob lived on set in Los Angeles, where he worked seven days a week For over a year. He slept on set and in laboratories. When the project was completed, John Carpenter sent him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with extreme exhaustion.


00;33;32;17 - 00;34;00;17


my God. Yeah, yeah. And that has been I am beach area. Do do do do do Do you think they do? But yeah, that's crazy. Absolutely right. I mean, so much work that had to go into each piece and then like you you can use it again and I'll talk more when we get to. yes I love getting insight like this from someone who actually knows what they're talking about.


00;34;00;19 - 00;34;28;09


We're like, this guy on TV says he thinks that this could play so great before Bening's Right before that happens, that's when we see like the really cool, the really cool computers screen with the, like, really awesome picture on it. The two circles that go together. Yeah. And that's how comfortable. Yeah. Quickly realizes how long it would take.


00;34;28;12 - 00;34;49;05


You know, he basically figures out exactly what it is and how long it would take to infect Earth just like that, based on this computer. Yeah, based on the circles. Well, that's funny. Thing is, do they ever specify that this movie does take place in 1982? Because even though they're technical. Yes. it does. Okay. Because that was like, yeah, in the beginning it's it says an hour.


00;34;49;06 - 00;35;11;15


Goodnight. Got a good call. Okay. Because I thought the computer the way it's sort of giving him information so eloquently and like well spoken like it's like very like I don't know, the wording just feels very non like scientific and it's like, you know, in case you're wondering, the world will be infected. Yeah. my dog is scratching at the door.


00;35;11;15 - 00;35;38;05


He wants to come in. So proof don't. Don't let him in. I know he might be able to prove that it's really you. okay. It's him. It's him. So, Blair also Blair also discovers that there is still cell activity in the bird's remains, too. Yes. And that's what leads him to this. Things really, really got it for them.


00;35;38;12 - 00;36;04;18


Yeah, I guess. Yeah. And. And he basically confirms he's like, no one's getting off this. You know, if we want to keep the planet safe, like no one is going. yeah. So, yeah, so bening's is infected, whatever you would say. And then right after that is when Doctor Blair has his meltdown and it's because he doesn't want anybody to leave, because he doesn't want the thing to get out.


00;36;04;18 - 00;36;25;03


So that's when he starts smashing the helicopter while he locked himself in the room and then comes out, smashes the helicopter and all that stuff. And he puts up a really good fight, too, when he runs out of ammo after he throws that gun, they like storm him and he just swings that ax so hard at the metal tray that he's holding.


00;36;25;03 - 00;36;49;12


And I was like, my God, he's literally going to kill the gate. Wilford Brimley Pre-diabetes, you know? That's right. Pre-diabetes, I think. Yeah. Diabetes. yeah, That's So then they walk in the shed. Yeah. And now. Okay, I don't want to jump. Well, we'll get to their. I have a Yeah, I know, we will get. I know what you're probably.


00;36;49;12 - 00;37;18;20


Yeah. You're antsy then. I know. I've been antsy as a person around a lot of self control in these episodes. I tried talking to a few award winning directors. We knew that, but what a word to do when we just won best directors at the Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival. Where's that? In South Carolina. North Charleston, South Carolina.


00;37;18;22 - 00;37;54;06


Congratulations. Thank you. I wasn't going to tell anyone that. Award winning directors. Wow. That's right. I did it this year. This needs to be award winning directors presents. okay. That. I mean, to throw myself off a list this year and wanted to do a thank you video when you wanted to do it. Yeah like a subtle like to be grateful that like Sally Field like you like that you really like be like me I watched the mask recently.


00;37;54;09 - 00;38;14;21


Is that part of the part? Yeah. yeah. To reference that, I didn't see that forever. It holds up. Does it really? Still very. my gosh, It's still so funny. so happy. Because I was obsessed as a kid. It's so good. We went, we have been on this Jim Perry gig, so we've just been watching that.


00;38;14;27 - 00;38;36;10


I love it. Have you found a Jim Carrey movie? Hi. Like, what would you say is like your favorite so far? I can't. I love them all in different ways. I mean, Liar, Dumb and Dumber was like I watched Dumb and Dumber every day for like, two years. So when I was like nine years old. So and it reminds me of, like, my brother.


00;38;36;10 - 00;38;57;18


We watch it together all the time. And so Dumb and dumber I like but liar, Liar two and the cable guy and both Ace and turn movie so I don't know I stuff I thought that the Rocky Mountains it'd be a little rockier Chad Myers full of shit Yeah so I would say Dumb and Dumber is my favorite Jim Carrey comedy and Eternal Sunshine is my favorite.


00;38;57;20 - 00;39;20;01


yeah. It's good. Yes, I do love it. Good Lord. Yeah, I'm starting this this. I'm starting to have this problem, though, where, like, I've really I'm not into drama movies, like, at all anymore. So in my brain now, they've all turned into, like, chick flicks because I can't stand to get so, like now I just don't watch any dramas because I'm like that.


00;39;20;04 - 00;39;53;25


That's it for girls. And I know. Well, that's the thing. That's the same thing that happened to me with horror movies. I grew up with horror movies, loving them. That's like all I was into. And then around like Hostel and the whole torture porn thing. I just really I just completely tuned out of horror for years. And then it wasn't until I saw Tusk that really just like, reignited that flame in my horror loving heart.


00;39;53;27 - 00;40;15;13


Now, Cassie, you said you love hostel. Do you love hostel specifically because of like, the body of like the makeup effects and all that? Yeah, I mean, mostly, and I don't know why, but I just love Eli Roth. I just think. Just I'm in love with that man. And I think that. I mean, so that's probably part of it too, because I like the Green Inferno a lot.


00;40;15;13 - 00;40;41;09


Even though that movie was not good. it wasn't. I haven't seen it. No. I mean, the Gore like the, you know, the effects and the horror, the Gore and stuff were great movie itself. Well, it's funny because I was Zac and I were talking recently, and I know what it is, and maybe it's just a phase, but body horror movies and not not like the thing where it's obviously, like not real.


00;40;41;11 - 00;41;08;04


Yeah, but yeah, I've been so, like, turned off by them. I don't know why it just sort of happened all of a sudden where I get like nauseous and yet I love gory movies. Like it's like write scripts where it's like, like I just finished the kind of feature script and there's a scene toward the end that is like, it's disgusting and I love it.


00;41;08;04 - 00;41;31;26


I was so proud of it. And but there is a don't know what it is. I'm not really going anywhere with this, but just to sort of like, Listen, I have a question for you, Dan, because we've talked about body horror a couple of times in these episodes. And what do you define as body horror? well, like hostel, like those movies just and maybe it's less about the actual horror, like the, like the gore.


00;41;31;28 - 00;42;05;24


And it's more to do with it. I just immediately put myself in the position, like, of the character being tortured or being mutilated. And it just freaks me out so much more than it ever did. So I don't know if it's something do. It's like where I am in my life or like the fact that COVID has like, made me just like very tunnel vision and I'm just like, kind of, I don't know, like, afraid of everything, but it's sort of like it's the idea of I don't like not having control, which is why I cannot watch the movie Tusk.


00;42;05;29 - 00;42;26;26


I that freaks me out. The fact that, like, it's about a guy who's not only being held against his will, but he's being transformed against his will. And it just it freaks me out. That's why I almost I've never seen the movie society, but I feel like I could sit through that as gross as it is, because it's not like no one's being.


00;42;26;28 - 00;42;54;13


I mean, little do I know, maybe they are. No one's being hurt, you know, ones being mutilated. They're kind of the mutilation is sort of voluntary. Yeah, but I would be careful when you say that. Then. Okay. Society is so fucking gross. Okay, I'll watch it. I need to watch it then. I knew that I had a problem when, like, The Human Centipede just was not gross enough for me.


00;42;54;13 - 00;43;23;14


That's another movie that threw me off. Maybe that started. They're really like, Don't poop, don't tie my mouth to it. But I just it's just it's so funny. I get, like, mad at the villains. I'm like, Stop it. It's like, why are you doing this? It's so leave people alone. Mutilate yourself. I wouldn't I wouldn't consider, like, hostile to be body horror.


00;43;23;17 - 00;43;50;18


Okay? Because to me, body horror is like. Like I think till I mentioned, like, a transformation with the human body. Okay, then, like the fly or American the in London, American Werewolf in London. Well, that's like a werewolf movie. It's a body transformation. People transforming. Well, that's it's have you remember the transformation? That movie It's like the best thing I've ever seen.


00;43;50;21 - 00;44;07;10


That was the Golden Globes or Emmys. Something like that created the special makeup effects category because of that transformation. So, yeah, it wasn't even a category before that happened. And Rick Baker was the first one to win an Academy Award. And it still blows my mind. When I watched that scene, I'm like, But I don't. How are you doing that?


00;44;07;10 - 00;44;30;02


Well, right. But yes, you know, hands down, it's an amazing transformation. But I wouldn't consider American Werewolf in London Body horror. I would consider the werewolf movie. I can see what you're saying in terms of like it's more of a transformation. There's no, like, flesh or like, blood. Nothing is like kind of being ripped apart in order to get to that form.


00;44;30;02 - 00;44;54;29


Well, like, I guess to day I haven't seen that since I was a child. And I know it's challenging myself to watch it again. you need to see. it's going to happen. I'm going to do it. But going back to Werewolf in London, I could I would consider that transformation scene to be body horror, but I wouldn't consider the movie to be in the horror in the body of horror subgenre.


00;44;55;06 - 00;45;21;12


Got it. Okay, that makes sense. You know what I mean? Yeah, but. So you don't consider hostel body horror? No. How come? Because, like. Like they're not being. There's no, I guess to go back to the word transformation, there's no transformation is just torture and the definition of body horror in front of me. Okay, go ahead. It's. It's.


00;45;21;12 - 00;46;01;22


It's Huston's Latin American blood. Body horror or biological war is a subgenre of horror that intentionally showcases grotesque or fizzy a lot. Now, psychologically, my bad, that's a disturbing dilation of the human body. These violations may manifest through aberrant sex mutations, mutilation, mummification, gratuitous violence, disease, or unnatural movements. So it's it's all of that. Okay. So, Zack, maybe the way you're looking at it is just sort of you don't personally view a certain subcategory of body horror as like your definition of what it really is.


00;46;01;25 - 00;46;33;14


It's like you're like when I think of body horror, I think of this as like hostel is just something entirely different. Yeah, I don't know. Like it's. I mean, you're wrong. It's body horror. Wow. Okay. Jake Cage. What society? Tell me what you think. Okay. You have to get through it, though, because it's a little weird throughout the first psych three fourths of it.


00;46;33;17 - 00;46;59;15


There's a couple of, like, weird little things, but for the most part, it's just like, How did this movie get made? Yeah, So back like it's down, but then. Then the finale. Holy shit, I had to. I don't have to look away from the screen a lot of times. Yeah, but I have to look away. And one time I actually got up and left the room because I was feeling sick to my stomach.


00;46;59;21 - 00;47;17;15


Yeah, I'm going to do a double feature of society and the fly and then just like, rock myself to sleep at night. Yeah. There you go. honestly, the only movie that ever made me turn away was The Revenant when he was attacked by The Bear. But I'm, like, terrified of bears, so I think that might be part of it.


00;47;17;18 - 00;47;39;06


So it's more of the attack rather than Yeah, happens as a result. gosh. So that in Army of the Dead there's a zombie tiger. yeah he at first that when I heard about that I was like okay, whatever. Yeah. Then when I watched it and I watched the Zombie Tiger deal with some people, here's some shit.


00;47;39;11 - 00;48;13;00


man. Yeah, it was cool. Was he? He handles the situation during that sequence. it was pretty like back to the thing. Yes. Okay, so where did we leave off? We left. We have no no where. We saw one more, quote, unquote, introduction of the monster. Well, we're at where, like, he. Where Blair has his meltdown and starts.


00;48;13;03 - 00;48;37;13


Yeah, doing all that shit. And then so they lock. They lock Blair in the water. Yeah. And then that's when they decide to do a blood serum test. And then apparently they just have bags of their blood in the in the whole. Yeah. And then somebody got the blood. Yeah, somebody got it. And that's when the suspicions start really spiking.


00;48;37;15 - 00;49;01;16


Yeah. So just what it wants. Everybody arguing. Well, it makes sense that they have blood in the refrigerator because they're so, like, remote. If something happened. Okay, They're kind. You're right. Well, I had to be right about something. I was wrong about the body horror, so I had to be right about that. Okay. And yeah, so one.


00;49;01;16 - 00;49;28;08


Yes, I actually forgot during this watch was the fact that they I just I don't know why I forgot this, but McCready, as such, is viewed as an antagonist by so many of the characters, which I thought was so great and that sort of is the catalyst to Norris. Is it naught? No, not Norris with the Who is his name?


00;49;28;10 - 00;49;56;22


The character Todd. I thought I wrote all these names down. Well, this is like add this in later. It's like dub my voice in saying their correct name. Do you remember when Michael? No, no. But it's that one character who ends up it's well, it seems like he's having a heart attack because there's that whole confrontation with McCready, and he's like, I'm going to blow all of you guys up if you try to attack me.


00;49;56;24 - 00;50;24;02


And then. Right, that is. Norris. It's Norris, okay. Cause then that sort of kind of divert, like diverts them into a totally different direction. They're sort of too busy focused on him having what they think is a heart attack or something along those lines. So this was like the another thing about turning the suspicion away, how you were talking about with a dog earlier.


00;50;24;04 - 00;50;46;02


So after they find the blood and they get into this huge argument or whatever, Gary has the gun like angry and they're all like, you need to chill. And he says, Yeah, we should probably find somebody else to be the leader. You guys. I think Norris would do a great job. And Norris is at that time infected, whatever you want to say.


00;50;46;02 - 00;51;07;04


I keep saying that, but I don't know what to call it. But yeah, so the thing is, part of him at that point and he says, no, he doesn't want to be injured because he doesn't think which is, which is ironic because he would think if he was the alien he would want access to weapons. Yes. And. Right.


00;51;07;06 - 00;51;33;29


So do you think it's just a case of him of the alien being like, let's take the attention off of me? I think. I mean, that's weasel my way in. Okay. At what point does Norris or whoever is infected start thinking for themselves and for Alien? That's a good point. Well, it's very it's very shortly after that that he because Before that, no, no.


00;51;34;01 - 00;52;03;26


Right after that is when he starts like actually having pain. So maybe you're right. He hasn't it hasn't gotten to him yet. Yeah, but yeah, as far as I know. Yeah. They don't really clarify like is it like instantaneous? Like, it's taken over. Yeah. It's, it's interesting. Well it would have to because if it took over him it, it would, he would know, you know what I mean.


00;52;03;28 - 00;52;20;01


But is it like he would know that he was the alien but we don't know like what it's doing like internally, like in his brain, Like, is it right. Has it gotten to his brain yet. Yeah. Like, does he not realize is this does he not know what's happening internally? Because the transformation is pretty quick on the inside.


00;52;20;06 - 00;52;48;15


That's what we we know. It's not like, again, not instantaneous, but it's quick enough. Yeah, but didn't you say that when what's his name? Benning. Was being attacked and he had stuff all wrapped around his face. So, like, wouldn't that happen to Norris as well? So I guess it depends on how they're being, again, for lack of a better word, infected.


00;52;48;15 - 00;53;20;23


Like, is it always a full, like, body, you know, like take over or could it be something as like, something more subtle? Yeah. And I guess that's what this don't know. Yeah. I mean, I think it just depends because at that point with then things it may not have been it may not have been in him, it may have just been coming at him I guess you know what I'm saying to, to do that instead of infecting him through blood or saliva.


00;53;20;23 - 00;53;40;02


Something like that. Yeah. And then so then for argument's sake, let's say it does need a full like the same kind of thing that happens with Benning's where like you see the all the tentacles and like, there's no way to not realize he was infected by an alien because it covered your body. Right? So that even means he is at that point just.


00;53;40;09 - 00;54;02;20


Totally. You know, the alien is assimilated and that is just it in the human. Yeah. Because he doesn't have the tentacles don't come out and get him when during his I'm going to had a little bit of Yeah. That happened to him remember just the stomach opens up like they think he's having a heart attack which goes back to what you said earlier about that creature designer like none of them are the same.


00;54;02;20 - 00;54;20;20


So maybe that's like the issue with this is like, who knows how it's going to take over? yeah. I'm sure that they they probably didn't necessarily even think about all this stuff we're thinking about. Yeah. Which also is kind of like a great out for them narratively because it's like, yeah, yeah, that's what happened. Yeah.


00;54;20;23 - 00;54;39;05


I mean, just, just remember that we're talking about a movie about this alien from another planet world, whatever that comes here and can take over the world in just over a year and then. Yeah, well, any questions that we have, like I say this, but you know, people who believe in God, they like that there's questions about God.


00;54;39;07 - 00;54;59;17


Yeah, right, exactly. Yes. We're going to start a we're going to start getting into God, talks it. I could feel it. boy. No, this is the alien God. Is this movie about, like, religion and sort of like or not even a religion? Is it about cults? And you're sort of like bringing people into your call, you know, inadvertently.


00;54;59;17 - 00;55;23;01


And you feel like you have to if you want to survive. Well, let's before we get any further, let's go ahead and mention that this podcast is a welcoming zone or what would you call that all welcome zone. We are we are we have open arms here. Yeah. How I met your Monster. If you're a believer, if you're a nonbeliever, all are welcome.


00;55;23;03 - 00;55;54;20


Of course. Okay. All right, well, let's get back to. Yeah, let's get back to it. Yes, but before we get going, we're coming down to a vote on Norris. Yeah. Everyone who thinks Norris was thinking for himself say I. Everyone who thinks that Norris was being controlled by the alien Say, I won't say fake alien. A alien alien could.


00;55;54;22 - 00;56;22;21


One sec. I think. Yeah, because I like Casey. I like what you kind of brought up. Well, that kind of You literally brought it up about how he very standoffish in that moment. And it's like, yeah, the the alien is literally going out of its way throughout this whole movie to sort of blend in. And what a great way to blend in is to not be the leader or at least be seen as because I mean, it technically is in control, but.


00;56;22;23 - 00;56;46;23


Well, it's like my it's like one of my former bosses once told me, always be in the middle. If you're on the bottom, you get in trouble because you're doing bad. If you're on the top, you they are expected to stay on the top. So just stay in the middle. You're just like a three way situation or I'm so let me start over.


00;56;46;25 - 00;57;29;16


Well, sorry this is not way for okay, about like successful businesses or brands like you don't want to grow. Yeah I think he was trying to tell you that, you know, it sounds like it. No, he actually told me when I was standing in a dumpster pulling garbage out of there when I was standing in the rain. It's a dumpster dumpster pulling old shelving out of the dumpster.


00;57;29;16 - 00;57;56;26


This is the Cracker Barrel? Yeah. Okay. Is this that deep? And he said he said, when I'm on Jay Leno, one day, I'm going to tell him I'm going to tell Jay about this story. And I missed my opportunity because Jay is retired as a retired. Well, you know what else? But if you were also just staying in the middle and being complacent, why would you end up on Jay Leno?


00;57;56;26 - 00;58;22;16


You're he was contradicting himself. In no way he would be talking about, God damn it, the. nice guy. No, he's I mean, it was the manager that I had. I remember his name. Was he a hippie? Yes. Yeah. So, yeah, I will say this really does apply to, like in horror movies or anything horror related, you know, like in Scooby Doo and Scooby and Shaggy would always want to stay behind.


00;58;22;18 - 00;58;48;05


So and technically, if you were to visualize it, they'd be the last person you feel like it's so stupid because then you're isolating yourself from the rest of the group. So I don't know. I'm going to go back. I'm going to say that your boss's advice stands and I support it, especially in a horror movie scenario. So just circling back, here's a perfect opportunity to show some love to Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead.


00;58;48;11 - 00;59;05;10


Yeah, we're talking about being first in the middle or last. That's all I'm going to say because I don't want to spoil that movie. Just go watch it. Okay. So whoever standing in the middle survives. Got it. Thanks for this. Enjoy it. Don't be a hater. So, no, I will watch it. I heard it was fun, so I'll give it a shot.


00;59;05;12 - 00;59;27;00


Okay. So the thing, are we happy? Are we at the. Yeah. No. Well, yeah, kind of. We're we're that's the No, no, because introduction, right? I mean, technically yes to the monster it is, but remember, Fuchs has a meltdown as well, and then he goes outside and he just burns himself up from What's they. That's what they think anyway.


00;59;27;03 - 00;59;46;10


That's right. But because he doesn't want to deal with it, I did have a theory and not to go off into any more tangents, but I did have a theory as I was watching it, that there are some scenes where the movie like fades out and before going into the next scene, and I was like, because every time I would do that, it'd be on characters that I was suspicious of.


00;59;46;10 - 01;00;10;21


I was like, Is that signify? Like any time there's a fade out, they were infected. But it did get to a point where there was this sort of like random fade out. And I was like, well, if that was a rule, they just broke it. So I don't know if that's necessarily the case, but it's that maybe it was for a little while and they just got bored with it, or that was all just to throw you off again, the like, here's the rule.


01;00;10;21 - 01;00;31;18


We're going to break the rule, not explain the rule and then throw you off. That's right. You really you have to have a podcast episode dedicated to the movie, hopefully have this conversation and then determine that that may or may not have been a pretty concrete rule at some point. Perfect. Wow. We got it. We figured it out.


01;00;31;20 - 01;01;04;00


Okay. So we've got a lot of a lot of scuffles, a lot of distrust with McCready. They go they after the interaction inside the facility, they end up going into McCready's little fortress in that. Yeah. They standoffs with well, they all went outside for some reason. Yeah. I don't remember why they all went outside well they they realize that like they're they think that when you're turning it rips your clothes.


01;01;04;00 - 01;01;33;14


Yeah. So Childs is outside. He finds one of McCready's like, ripped shirts or whatever comes back in. And then they tried to lock him out, and it conveniently says his name on it. Yet by the time he finds it, he's like, clearly someone, you know, staged this. So these sneaks back in, though, with a bunch of dynamite. And he threatens like if anybody's going to touch him, you know, you know, blow the place up.


01;01;33;16 - 01;02;00;19


And what I love at this point in the movie is we even though we're following him, we're assuming he's the lead, you know, because it's Kurt Russell and because we're sort of like following him more than the others, he still could be an alien. They're they've given us no evidence yet to suggest. In fact, we're kind of like siding with the other guys were like, I mean, all evidence points to you, which I thought was kind of genius.


01;02;00;22 - 01;02;22;07


And that's when Norris ends up is like the whole we have like all of this heightening with him, like, ready to blow shit up. And then he kind of just like, falls back and he has this whole episode. And then that is what leads to the famous scene where he's. Yes. Gets the defibrillator crew, that bickering over there.


01;02;22;10 - 01;03;18;15


What if we like defibrillator over here for his power? You're going to have to sleep some time before you realize sleeping child anyone tries to freak me here clear because. very intense. Superintendent. Man Yeah, I remember the first time I saw it and just totally blew my mind. Yeah, I jumped because it always throws me off every time I watch it, because you always think it's going to be like on the third one.


01;03;18;18 - 01;03;43;02


And they don't. They do it on the second. And it's just it's pretty great. What a good scene. Now, how is that? I mean, I'm assuming it's all like animatronics and stuff, but how did they pull that off? So everything in this movie was I mean, they used anything. They used animatronics. They also used hydraulics, all wires, puppets, like everything.


01;03;43;03 - 01;04;05;15


They used every type of thing that you possibly can with the chest was hydraulics. Gotcha. So I guess that makes sense. Yeah. The guy who played Norris is actually like, I don't know why they felt the need to have his head like, his real head up there at first. Yeah, but so he had his head and shoulders above, you know, and then the rest of his body was below the table with the fake.


01;04;05;18 - 01;04;32;23


I'm pretty sure it was fiberglass. I don't know for sure, but the teeth part and stuff. Yeah, they got to put the defibrillator on him. Chest opens up with his arms and hydraulics, blows on his arms and rips them off. So that's actually a man who's a double amputee wearing fake like gelatin or silicone arms. wow. And he has a mask on top of face,


01;04;32;26 - 01;05;00;28


Yeah. Yeah. So that gets ripped off. I think the bones were wax. God, that is seamless. You really don't. Yeah, it's so cool. It's not a great sequence with hydraulics. Maybe I'm just being really stupid right now. But did they do hydraulics because of, like, all the glue and, like, liquid that was involved? Or because I'm thinking of, like, I don't know, I just assumed because it's like more like air compression and stuff versus like, yeah, wires.


01;05;00;28 - 01;05;22;21


I don't know, for but I think it's just stronger. And since it had to like, get through something and that's why I think they did, especially back then when like, you know, it wasn't animatronics. I mean animatronics are really hard to do. Yeah. And in my it if they're not super strong, I mean I'm sure you could make them stronger back in the eighties it probably wasn't so and this Yeah.


01;05;22;23 - 01;05;42;03


Yeah that makes sense. So in this case, you're really just kind of dressing up the hydraulics with, like, all this crap so you can kind of get away with it. It makes sense. Yeah. And then the set, that thing comes out, that's like you said, with clicker, you're like crab. Yeah, I love it. Spider. Yeah, it's like a little bit of everything.


01;05;42;06 - 01;06;05;08


Yeah, because I have weird little it has weird little dangly legs hanging from it with tiny little feet. The thing that freaks me out the most in that scene is when they have that wider shot, when the chest is already opened up and they have that wide shot that these like whatever body part is just sort of like sputter out of the chest in the snow, flapping everywhere.


01;06;05;10 - 01;06;26;08


yes. So also another thing about that scene was that they prepped for that scene. I think that the prep time was like 10 hours to get that ready. And then the first take they did, they have everything that shoots out of it. And John Carpenter hated it, so he made them do it again. my. So, yeah, to give you another 10 hours of prep or is that.


01;06;26;10 - 01;06;49;02


my God. I mean, for the most part, everything's covered in shit, you know? Yeah, Yeah. So good Lord, filmmaking people. I remember when I was a kid, I had a Fangoria like coffee table. yes. Yeah, that picture was in it where his head is, like, against the ceiling, you know, it's all on that as, like, crooked legs.


01;06;49;06 - 01;07;09;24


Yeah. His neck is like a snake kind of thing and. Yeah, the crab legs. Yeah. I love how almost stereotypical alien it becomes with the antenna coming out. They kind of say, because there is something about it that it almost looks like innocent in a way. Like it's just like a kid's idea of what it would look like.


01;07;09;27 - 01;07;37;13


Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then after that, they have that when his head stretches off, they use all kinds of stuff too, for all the effects. And this they use like melted plastic bubblegum jam pieces, all kinds of crap. You know what else they used Jam on? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Spaceballs. never seen it. Never. Sorry. You should watch it.


01;07;37;15 - 01;08;01;25


It's funny, because they do. They do have a little alien reference in it, but yeah, maybe it's not as visually effective as the original moment, but I think you'd at least appreciate it as, like, makeup, you know, aficionados. I just showed that scene to my body like, a couple of weeks ago. It's so funny. Chuckles All At least look at that scene.


01;08;01;28 - 01;08;32;14


Yes. Yeah, but you got to look at the jam scene where. Okay, where Lonestar is jamming the radar. So it's a giant jar of raspberry jelly like comes and smashes against the radar and it's like, oozes out of the guy's TV. He's done the radar, sir. And good man, It's like Taste said. And he goes, Raspberry, Lone Star.


01;08;32;17 - 01;09;06;10


So depth right? it's all right now. Okay. So that was yet another introduction to the monster slash alien. we. But there's still more to it. There is? Well, yeah, just when his head comes. yes. Scratch the things, but that's when it sprouts the little, I think. Still. That's right. The crab tries to get away but they end up and then it gets burned.


01;09;06;17 - 01;09;26;05


Did you either of you see it. Chapter two where they do a little reference to I couldn't do this scene. you didn't think I know like a half an hour into it and I had to turn off. Yeah, Part two wasn't my favorite, but there is like a straight up, like the thing reference which. Which I kind of love.


01;09;26;05 - 01;09;50;04


I don't know if either of you had ever read the book. So in the book, all of the kids are sort of like Pennywise takes the form like things that scare them obviously. But how it does it for a few of the characters is it it looks like it takes the form of movie characters. So like sometimes it's the wolf man, sometimes it's the Mummy.


01;09;50;04 - 01;10;11;21


Those like classic universal monsters. And I was wondering, like, if they go that route, what movie? Like modern movie monsters are they going to? And they actually do it and they do the thing. And I was like, That is so great. Such a fun way to update that part of the book. But yeah, little, little fun, little thing reference that I wasn't expecting.


01;10;11;24 - 01;10;33;14


Very cool. Either of you go to Halloween horror nights when they had the thing house. yeah. I think it was like 2010 or 11 or 12 or whatever when the prequel came out. That's right. They did. They did a whole haunted house, and they used all of the original scenes from the original movie. and it was insane.


01;10;33;21 - 01;11;02;21


It was so cool. Yeah. Yeah. I think that came out. I think it was 11. Yeah, 2011, because I had actually gone to Universal 2010, so I just missed it. But that's amazing. That's that's a new life goal is to go to Halloween horror nights. Yeah, I wanted to go last year, but, you know, something like a pandemic or something happened or something that would sound a lot like this alien.


01;11;02;23 - 01;11;25;22


It scares, I think. Yeah, you got to be indoors. You can't trust anyone. It's like, okay, you're not wearing a mask, which implies you got the shot. But are you just telling us, are you just a Republican? This is a welcome podcast. I'm sorry. You can ask. You can still be a Republican. I know that we're all very good people.


01;11;25;25 - 01;11;49;29


And so we get to our is head becomes a spider. Yeah. Within ten I think I and then we get this famous line. You got to be fucking kidding. I was going to say, following that class, I was like, there's that classic line and I was going to try to make a joke and I was like, Wait, a abandoned.


01;11;49;29 - 01;12;12;21


It's stupid. And I was like, And then the flamethrower has his favorite line, and I was going to make the sound of fire coming out of a flamethrower. It's like, I want to do this. I want to hear the sound effect. Yeah, Nice. That's it, guys. We're not going to get any better than that. Let's just wrap this up, all right?


01;12;12;22 - 01;12;35;11


The end. Okay, So the crab walks away, Clark, because he has a scalpel. And he's going to get him. Yep. Yep. And then. Yeah, we shoot him in the head. Yep. And we've seen that. It's actually like we see that same shot where he's sort of like in the foreground holding the scalpel or in an earlier scene, and then it returns.


01;12;35;11 - 01;13;00;18


You're like, shit. I thought this sort of I thought this tension was kind of like, over. But it comes right back. Like Casey said, bang, shout me down, bang, bang. Yes. So that's when they tie everyone. Yeah. And then they tie up the corpses, which is disturbing. Well, yeah, because they still if they're and they, they take blood from them and follow the tests on them because are they corpses are later.


01;13;00;20 - 01;13;31;18


Well what they do the one who had a corpse in the beginning that he shoved in the supply closet. Great job, guys. It's really efficient. Yeah. So. Yeah, the tie. Everybody up. I think it's windows and. Yeah, Windows and McCready start, you know. Yeah. Administering the tests on everybody to see who's infected and they don't ever really like, specify why windows is is easy.


01;13;31;21 - 01;13;57;18


Just maybe like McCready just views him as the weakest maybe. And he's like, you're not off the hook, but you're going to help me. Yeah, With you. Definitely like that. He's any significa grooves. He's a little bitch here in a few minutes, so. Yeah. So, yeah, everyone's tied up. They're cutting their thumbs. They are way too aggressively, by the way.


01;13;57;20 - 01;14;17;03


Right? There's way. Lord, I was like, Yeah. And he squeezed that when I was. Yeah, I was watching it. And when they were cutting his thumb and, you know, it was backwards, but they were cutting it almost like it's like the top of the finger. And it's like, no, you do the middle. You don't do that. Yeah, it's the most sensitive part.


01;14;17;06 - 01;14;57;09


Yeah, right. Yeah. Well, now let's talk about body horror. Yeah. Two thumbs up for that scene. Okay. All right. What do I do with my voice? I don't know. I don't know. Yeah. So take us to the next monster reveal. Okay, so it's. While they're doing these tests that. Yeah, they're cutting their thumbs, putting the blood in petri dishes is heating up a wire because the thought is if if it's in your DNA and it's in your blood, then it's going to want to try to get away from anything that's going to hurt it.


01;14;57;11 - 01;15;36;13


So he administers the test on himself. He administers the test on I don't remember exactly who and a Windows phone, but it ends up being Palmer who is infected. So, yeah, you know, blood starts coming out of his eyes. His hands get all weird and long and seems to be a common thing. And then his hips part much like the hydraulic test, his head split apart teeth and all McCready's twitch isn't working his way loose got flamethrowers, flamethrowers.


01;15;36;16 - 01;16;14;27


His flamethrower was more fire gun, fire, gun. So you never know the sound that a fire gun makes. So thank you. You're welcome. Yep. And the use of a flamethrower isn't working, so it's like windows. You got to. You got to talk to him, and he can't. So giant, like, tentacle, like, tongue tentacle thing comes out and wraps around his neck windows neck pulls him in, jumps on his head, and then just starts thrown around a little bit.


01;16;14;29 - 01;16;41;13


It kind of deserved that. It's pretty stupid. But, you know, we did need you know, we were looking for proof of like who was or was not an alien. And I mean, that's pretty conclusive evidence. If the alien eats you. So yes, that that's. Yeah. So Mack fixes his flamethrower and Burns know also now that you know windows has had contact, he also has to kill him.


01;16;41;17 - 01;17;06;07


Either that or at the mercy killing could probably be both because you know it's kind of a you know so yeah so that's the famous Yeah blood singeing scene ends with someone getting their head bitten off by a head that turns into a mouth. Yup. The blood scene is probably one of the most suspenseful scenes in horror.


01;17;06;09 - 01;17;28;00


I love it. It's so well done. And it's pretty good, even when you know what's happening. If you watch it again and again, you know what the outcome is. It's still super suspenseful. Well, that's the thing. Like the whole movie is built around suspense and the  . And this one, this one sequence is sort of like, I don't know, like relies on all of those elements and.


01;17;28;00 - 01;17;54;19


It's sort of contained in this one super claustrophobic, claustrophobic scene, you know, heightened by the fact that we're like nearing the finale. So it just kind of everything sort of elevated, which I think really just like lends to why that scene is so effective and memorable. Yeah. You know, like, context is so important, but just even on its own, it's still just like a super suspenseful and effective moment.


01;17;54;21 - 01;18;26;06


Childs And Gary, during all of that were still tied to the couch, so he still has to test their blood to make sure they're cool and they're fine. Neither of them been affected, infiltrated and affected any of those things. and we did. We didn't mention the fact that they do end up testing Clark's blood, only to find out that despite all of the suspicion, he actually was not an alien.


01;18;26;08 - 01;18;48;12


Right he was just the real anchorman. Dude loved his dogs, though, so I'll give them that. Well, they go into the tool shed because they want to test blasts as well. But he is missing. Yeah, he's missing. And they find those like loose floorboards and they go down into this tunnel. And in this day that he's been in the shed, he is also.


01;18;48;15 - 01;19;17;21


Which is just insane. So impressive, though. Well, the story the story itself is pretty insightful. We're going to the the Crazy Kills spaceship, ignoring the fact of, like everything that's happened, leading up to that point. Well, that's the thing, because it's like, yes, the alien invasion is far fetched, but it doesn't have to do with physical time. Right?


01;19;17;26 - 01;19;41;28


The speed it takes to manufacture an object. Yes. Okay. But at the speed that this alien can infiltrate the entire world, it can't build a spaceship in a day. You don't think that's true? It's just a fast moving. Blair was an alien. Yeah, got it. Yeah. So. Yeah. Hashtag spoiler alert. Hey, guys, I think there's going to be some spoilers in this episode.


01;19;42;01 - 01;20;05;29


Probably warn our our listener. How can that be a new thing where we. We put up spoiler warnings at the end of the episode and then they just start going around? I mean, at that point they think that, you know, Blair is obviously the thing and he is looking to leave on this ship to go infect the rest of the world, which is ironic because he was the one who was trying to stop that.


01;20;06;01 - 01;20;31;03


Right. Again, when did he become infected? We know he was also in the tortured alone, So who knows if it had gotten to him while he was out there. You know, they go to find the generator to fix it, but I'm not sure why if they're just blowing up the entire camp anyway and coming to the realization that none of them are ever going to leave, or maybe he's just a really handy guy and he wanted to fix one more thing, but he's like, I can't not fix it, guys.


01;20;31;06 - 01;21;05;08


Yeah, that's. Yeah, I know. You're telling me I'm going to walk by a broken generator and not do my best to fix it. You guys are crazy. I'm not going out like this, right? I have. I have standards. But Blair, who is the thing again, comes up and he attacks Gary. So there's another. Yeah, that's like our last official sort of like reintroduction of the alien is when he kills Gary in a really fucking grotesque way to fry.


01;21;05;08 - 01;21;34;22


Like sticking his hand into his face. Yeah, He puts his fingers, his face skin so gross. And then he dragged them in a burlap sack. so it kind of reminds me of is the fingers in the face is the faculty. yeah. You remember that reference with the. The little alien tadpole things? Yeah. When you see that so good.


01;21;34;25 - 01;21;59;10


We need to cover that eventually. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. What's that? In a very long time. So I lied. I said that this was the last time we see, like, just the monster because we get. Well, you weren't wrong in saying that. It was the final introduction. Thank you. Because we do get that big late. but it's sort of a Yeah, yeah, exactly.


01;21;59;10 - 01;22;26;00


You get the final boss at the end when Macready sees it coming to the floor. Although I would say that it's a yeah, he, he, I, well, I don't know, maybe he doesn't necessarily destroy it, but I assumed he did, but he kind of gets, he kind of eats it fairly simply with just the dynamite. Yeah. It's a little bit upsetting that we get like 10 seconds of it with all of that set up throughout the movie.


01;22;26;00 - 01;22;52;08


And. Right. Because you do, you get like, so he's down and he's he's setting easy because Yeah he's setting up the explosives and we see the little bald little dove fairly large tentacles coming up from the ground. Yeah. Which those are actually stop motion that's I did notice the stop motion when it comes in it like it swings its tentacle at the dynamite.


01;22;52;08 - 01;23;19;04


Yeah. But it looks great. It's, it's so well done. Yeah. And, and then that's when we finally get that full final boss reveal. It comes out from the floor in all of its grotesque glory with the dog, like the mutated, like, alien dog coming out of its side. They're all, like, working in unison as this. Like, giant mashup of grossness.


01;23;19;07 - 01;23;35;29


Right? And you had mentioned earlier to about it still having like in the earlier it's still having parts of you know other things in it human wherever it may have been in some other world. So this is the same thing just bigger yeah because it has like human had the weird claws dog coming out of the center of it.


01;23;36;01 - 01;23;52;18


It's really owning that whole esthetic as well as, again, just a ton of K-Y jelly. Yeah, the aliens are very cultured, though, when you think about it. It's kind of like showing off. It's like, Look, I've been here, I've been there not judging. I kind of want to assimilate with you guys, so you should take it as a compliment.


01;23;52;20 - 01;24;22;26


Just saying, look at how many things I can represent. Look at all that. Yeah. Like I'm just here to spread the good word, guys. The controversy. I know. Yes. The thing is all about diversity. Now, I have never seen the original one from the fifties. Do you? Do either of you know, if there is, like, a sort of stereotypical alien reveal or is it always just seen in the human form?


01;24;22;28 - 01;24;48;17


No. So actually, the one in the fifties, I haven't seen the movie, but I know a little bit about what it looks like. It's just it kind of looks like Frankenstein, like has a really big like head and furrowed brow. Got you. And then it has like so I don't know if you'll remember this in detail, but in the in the the first reveal with the dogs, when he shoots his arms up and he has those little like three fingers with those big claws on them.


01;24;48;20 - 01;25;16;12


Yeah. That's actually what his hands look like in the original one. And then they have like claws on the knuckles as well. But okay. And so then we get to McCreadie and Childs in the snowplow kind of thing. Yeah. Yeah. And. And that's when Macready is immediately, like, suspicious. He's like, Really? Fuck. Where are you? Yeah. And he says that he thought that he saw Blair and he was going to stop him or something like that.


01;25;16;14 - 01;25;37;02


But also, I guess Niles just died in the explosion because I have no idea what happened. That guy? Yeah, that's. It's funny because when it goes into the finale, I remember thinking that it was like, Wow, I don't remember so many characters being alive at this point. A lot of this stuff is kind of just like off screen or implied.


01;25;37;05 - 01;25;55;10


Yeah. And which I wonder if that was done intentionally to sort of suggest like there is like even at the end of the movie there is such like an element of the  , you know, like there's this one with Macready and Childs, like, is one of them infected? Which one? But then it's like, Well, what the fuck else is happening out there?


01;25;55;10 - 01;26;19;14


Like, where are these other characters. All right, Very true. Yeah. And what else is the. The aliens sort of consumed and taken over? Yeah, I like that. Like that. Maybe he's not dead. Paul's isn't dead. Yeah. Who? That comes up looking like a homeless man. He's Even got his, like, wrapped in a blanket. He's got a bottle of alcohol, Got stay warm.


01;26;19;19 - 01;26;54;13


That's kind of what I want to do tonight. So throw a blanket out and get some drinks. Child comes up, and then the movie ends. Very, very open ended. Yes, very open. Those were the words that I was looking for, but open ended in. How do you I know there have been some things that have come out that more or less technically confirm this, but do either of you have any theories or did you have any theories before that confirmation came out of like which one of them, if any, either of them is infected?


01;26;54;15 - 01;27;27;09


I would like to say that child is infected and McCready is the hero. However, I don't believe that to be true. Okay. I think it's the opposite. Or do you think the idea opposite? I think child is human. And McCready never got out of that out of the tunnel intact. I like that's my well, it makes sense for like this type of movie for like the masses.


01;27;27;11 - 01;27;51;07


Yeah. And for like the type of message this movie's trying to like, convey, it would, you would sort of assume that all expectations are kind of subverted. Your hero isn't the hero because you can't trust that so it it the fact that it doesn't necessarily even have a happy ending it's like well then why do we even need to end with the hero necessarily being the hero in the end?


01;27;51;09 - 01;28;16;23


Right. So I buy it really random, but and I'm not sure if it is the actual tagline or if it was just an idea that they but apparently one of them is man is the warmest place to hide. That makes you wonder, is this alien like, why did it crash on earth? Is it trying to take over the planet or is it hiding from something?


01;28;16;26 - 01;28;38;20


And it just so happens to be, you know, is it just fighting off these humans? Because it's like while you're fighting me, I'm obviously going to get you out of my way. But does it have no intention of leaving Antarctic to my just that it was a bad driver? I think that checks out is like shit sort of fits.


01;28;38;23 - 01;29;09;12


Yeah, well, I guess I guess the kind of like dispute what I just said. I guess the, the fact that it has taken over all these other creatures kind of implies that what I said is not the case. Well, we'll never know. Yeah, but it's a fun idea now. So now time for our best and worst reveals. So, Casey, do you want to go first?


01;29;09;14 - 01;29;32;26


Are we talking, like, real like monster? Monster or just like, because honestly, I just really like the dog in the beginning because there he is hiding in plain sight and we don't have a clue about it, right? yeah. So I really like that part. Okay. And what did you think was the weakest reveal for you? I don't know.


01;29;32;26 - 01;29;53;19


Maybe when he's just looks like Blair and puts his fingers in that mouth. Yeah, I would agree with that. Casey. We literally have the exact same pics. good. I was going to say, because I was thinking of like, there's, you know, the obvious choices for your favorite. Like what? My favorite introduction. It's like all the classic scenes.


01;29;53;25 - 01;30;24;02


And I almost went with the, the blood burning scene when Palmer's head opens up into a mouth. Right. So this is my second visual. Yeah, it's so just cool looking, but the fact that when I rewatch this, I forgot for a second that the dog is being hunted for a reason and that it just it's such a clever way to open up the movie to kind of throw you off and just sort of like mess with your head right out of the gate.


01;30;24;04 - 01;30;46;20


I was like, what a great way. You know, like the other ones are great introductions, don't get me wrong. But in terms of kind of like throwing you off, that one was my favorite, right? And yeah, and I would say like the least. Yeah. And like the if we had to pick something just by comparison, I would say yes, a Blair Because it's basically just like an old dude walking out and like slapping someone really?


01;30;46;22 - 01;31;09;19


Wilford Brimley Yeah, I'm going to go with I still think my favorite is the defibrillator and the stomach classic. Just because it's just because it's such a vivid memory of when I was a kid and seeing that for the first time and having absolutely no idea that was coming. Yeah. And I mean, there's a reason it stands out.


01;31;09;19 - 01;31;41;25


It's so right. So. Right. Yeah. That's I'm going to go with that for my favorite. And I'll and I agree with both of you that being on the weakest video. Sorry, Blair. Sorry. Blair. Better luck next time. You didn't cut it, so. Okay. Does anybody have anything else to add? Well, the thing is, you know, that's all the time I have for tonight, guys.


01;31;41;25 - 01;32;10;28


Thank you. My name is David. So I'm your waitress. Okay, well, I think that's all the time we have for the thing, but that was so much time. It was so much time. man, I'd love to say something about like, I'd love to have an out show where it's like, we don't know who's the thing. Like, like open ended, like the movie.


01;32;11;00 - 01;32;51;23


Well, no, but we definitely confirms that you are the thing. Yeah. What we haven't determined is if Casey or I are not the thing, Right? So we'll never know. Yeah, that's all right. Well, that's it for the thing. We don't have anything to plot. Yeah, okay, so I'm going to talk about leaving a review, and then we'll go into social media handles and we will just say goodbye.


01;32;51;26 - 01;33;13;19


Okay? So. All right, well, that is all we have for this week's episode on the thing. If you're enjoying How I Met Your Monster, we would love it if you could leave us a review and a rating on whatever platform you are listening on. Tell us what you like about show. Tell us what you don't like about the show so we can make it better.


01;33;13;21 - 01;33;43;08


And those ratings and reviews really help grow our audience so we can allow more people to meet more monsters. If you want to follow along with the show, you can follow us on Twitter at I Met Your Monster and on Facebook and Instagram at how I Met Your Monster. You can find me on social media at Zach Winship and you can find me on those very same social media platforms at any salon that's to EMS, like the candy.


01;33;43;10 - 01;34;05;19


All right. You can find you on social media. Well, the only thing I have is Instagram. It's at Wolfmother. KC Okay, great. So, well, I don't follow you, so I'm going to follow you. You know, this is good and KC, we would love to have you back on the show in the future whenever you want me to. Whenever it doesn't matter.


01;34;05;19 - 01;34;27;01


You said, Hey, I'll give you plenty of time. And then three days ago, you said, Hey, can you record on Tuesday? Let me know. Yeah, that's true. But it's okay. I didn't mind. And like I told Zach, I love listening. I love listening to you guys because I talked to you guys, like, I'm just having I'm at work listening to you guys and I'm just having conversations with the other speaker.


01;34;27;01 - 01;34;54;24


It's pretty funny. that's very sweet. There's this one meme. It's so funny and it's like what it feels like to listen to a podcast and it's just like there's like a picture of it's like a professional, like marketing photo of, like for women. And they're just talking to each other and laughing. And there's just this one kid like sitting next to the poster looking at them, laughing as though he's in the conversation like that.


01;34;54;24 - 01;36;57;00


Is that. Yeah, that's all we have for this episode of How I Met Your Monster. Thanks to how we make it, maybe we should. If you're worried about me, it wouldn't get any surprises for each other. I don't think we're in good shape to do anything about it. What do we do? Why don't we just wait here for a little while and see what happens?