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Zach and Danny meet their favorite killer doll and discuss the many ups and downs of the Child's Play franchise.

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Zach and Danny meet their favorite killer doll and discuss the many ups and downs of the Child's Play franchise.

Find some really fun artwork that has Scooby and the gang meeting their favorite monsters here:

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You're listening to How I Met Your Monster, a podcast that explores the introductions to your favorite movie, Monsters. My name's Zack. I'm Danny, and I'm Casey. And together we dive into the world of horror to find out how filmmakers have introduced us to our favorite monsters time and time again. This is how I met your mother.


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You will meet. We met him 15 years ago. I was told there's nothing like explorers in the regions experience. He was just so used to others.


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Yes. surprise. Hi, everybody, and welcome to How I Met Your Monster. The show where we discuss the introductions to our favorite movie, Monsters. I'm Zach Winter, and I'm the insulin. Today's episode, Chucky from the Child's Play series. It's a big build up there. Yeah. Today, in our second episode, we'll be discussing that little evil maniac, little shit, redheaded stepchild.


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It's actually. I can't say. Yeah, because I. It's a little red headed stuff I was reading on our favorite trivia source I IMDB. yeah. That, like a lot of parents and people like, boycotted this movie when it came out talking about how it was going to, like, make children violent. I thought, you going to say a lot of parents had to dye their kids hair.


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Their ginger was like, I get it. They couldn't sleep in the same house anymore. They were too scared. So they they felt obligated to dress their redheaded kids in overalls. So they boycotted the movie. So there's too much pressure and there's passion. Yeah. I wonder if, like, the sale of Oshkosh B'gosh was like, had a steady decline after this movie came out.


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Yeah, I just. I just rewatched the whole child's play franchise with my friend Jimmy. And when we got to see of Chucky, I really didn't know what to expect. It's like it walks that line where, like, is it, you know, I mean, it's that whole like so-bad-it's-good thing. And there are genuinely funny moments in the movie where I was like laughing like, so hard.


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But I think keeping it out of the official lineup for the franchise is a good move because it's so rare. Even when the franchise jumps in to like Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky, I feel like they keep some elements from Seed, okay, But it's sort of like a grab bag of things where like this worked, you know, so well, you know, incorporate that into future movies.


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But otherwise it's just. So, yeah, it's a long story short, I feel like leaving Seed of Chucky out is not the worst choice. Yeah, they like tackle. Where was I seeing this? The in seed of Chucky, like. Yeah, I think his name's Glen. Was a little kid. Well, like, gender identity is a big topic. Yeah, and they Glen identifies throughout the movie.


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He sort of is challenged by kind of his upbringing. You know, his dad wants him to be a boy. His mom is fine with him being a girl. So the whole movie is this sort of like journey of self-identification that feels so removed from the franchise. But then you have someone who's part of, you know, the LGBTQ community, Don Mancini, who created it.


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So you sort of get it and you can kind of appreciate that he's opening up this topic in this kind of way. But it is such a the whole movie is so over the top and funny that it's you're not sure if you're supposed to take that how seriously you're supposed to take. That's okay. Yeah. But yeah, that's definitely a big a big subject throughout the movie that I definitely appreciated, even though even if they did sort of take it into sort of I don't know if it was inappropriate territory, but definitely over the top bordering on silly.


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So yeah, like, is that, is that really the way you want to sort of convey that sort of material but. Right. And that was the first one that Don Mancini directed, wasn't it. I believe so. Yeah. I don't. Yeah. He didn't do bride. I don't remember who did Bride O Brighter. I know he was the guy who did Freddy versus Jason.


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Ronnie Yu Yes. Which totally checks out. You know like esthetically you get totally the, the similarities. I would probably watch Bride of Chucky any day or Freddy versus Jason. that's funny, because, like, I mean, I know Freddy's got some comic relief, but it's almost like humor feels more like humor and style, I guess fit more in the Chucky realm than Freddy versus Jason, because it was pretty much Jason to.


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It was just too flashy and to I don't know, maybe I well, you kind of wonder where grabbing it, right where the influence came from in terms of the tone of the movie. Because like you said, like Freddy is known for like cracking jokes, but the tone does feel very kind of outside of reality a little bit. Right.


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You kind of feel like you can't really connect with it. Whereas like you said, like with the Chucky movies, it's that's sort of the precedent. It's already been set. But there and maybe, you know, I kind of you know, it's funny, I always forget that it's from the same director and I would say I feel the same way about Seed of Chucky that I do with Freddy versus Jason.


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Okay. So it's like, you know, you know what? You're kind of going into, you know, you know exactly what you're going to get. It's not necessarily top tier, you know, in the franchise, but it's a lot of fun. The only reason why I feel like I would sort of lean to Freddy versus Jason is because I love the Friday the 13th movies.


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So any excuse that so that's not really an error assessment but that's and well, that's my thing too is because out of Friday the 13th nightmare on Elm Street and child's play name right I'm sorry is my go to. Yeah but it's just I think that's why I was so disappointed with Freddy versus Jason. Yeah. Because he's not you're not getting the Freddy that you're expecting whereas.


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Yeah. Bride of Chucky, you are kind of getting the Chucky you expected. Right. Yeah. That's a good. Yep. That makes sense. So in Freddy versus Jason, Freddy uses Jason to, like, kill the kids, right? In a perfect world, Freddy would have controlled Gwen from Seed of Glen. Wouldn't have done it, though. Glen's too much of a pacifist, so that would have the real the real tension in that movie would have would come between them in the lack of fighting.


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Yeah. As opposed to, like, actual killing. The overall results wouldn't be as, like, fun as where you would want it to be. Yeah, it's probably not a great idea. Child's Play. Yes. 1988 as the year I was born. You were born in 88, 88, and youngin. I know. Just a just a child. Not the first killer doll movie.


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no, sir. We have Well, there is one movie. There's one horror movie about dolls, which I believe is called Dolls that I've never seen. Yeah. Have you seen this? No, I have not. and I'm looking, so I looked it up. It came out exactly a year before child's play. So it looks like the eighties. Okay. Like delving into doll territory when it comes to horror, which, I mean, I totally understand, but it's.


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I. I mean, I would be. I would totally be scared if one of these came across me. Yeah. But also it's. It's very manageable. super manageable. I feel like the real the fear of these types of horror movies with that incorporate dolls is sort of it's the   aspect of it. You know, like you hear the footsteps running around in your house.


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That's scary. You see someone flash by a doorway, terrifying. But I feel like the sick it the confrontation happens, like the physical, like face to face meet up. It's like, yeah, the the the horror kind of takes a turn. I feel like that's why these movies sort of once Chucky really starts to make himself known of the characters, you kind of have to embrace some of the comedic aspects.


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Otherwise you get lost in it. Well, I think that's funny you say that, because I think the first time that Chucky is revealed to the main characters is fucking awesome. I 100% agree. That's one of my it's actually one of my favorite Dylan intros in a horror movie. Yeah. Because that whole scene is so tense where she comes in and we as audience know that Chucky's alive.


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Yeah, but we. But she doesn't obviously. And man, I can't say how many times I've seen it when those batteries drop to the floor out of the box and they like snap, zoom and man, it gets me every time. Well, that's the beautiful part of that scene is, is the buildup. It's the tension. You know, it's it's less about and I think that was what's so great about it is like you said, we know the doll's alive.


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So we're just really we're not watching the doll and wondering what's going to happen. We're just, like, waiting. We're watching the mom, I think Catherine Hicks from Seventh Heaven. Hicks, you know, we're just watching her and we're waiting. And and it's it's that fun of the the anticipation of the reveal, like, how are they going to do it?


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You know, And and I think the way that they pulled it off was just so clever because it just tying it into the, you know, the sort of general you know, the same way that the doll, the the good guy doll and jewison's itself anyways. Yeah. But it feels very grounded and it's just that one little, you know, you just remove some of those like safety nets, like the battery and the fact that it can like turn its head on its own and you know like, well that's the best part when she, she sees the batteries drop and then she goes and she picks him up like, I'd probably just like to leave it like,


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fuck this out. But she goes and she picks him up and you know, that, that slow little bit where she's pulling up his shirt to find the battery compartment and then like, you're just like, my God, don't do it. And she opens that. As soon as she opens it, his head spins around. Yeah. Hi, young Jackie. You want to play?


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man. I love it. It's so good. It really is. It's just simple, effective, you know? There's no real, like, crazy effects involved. It's just. It's genuinely just a really scary moment. And then she drops it, and. And Chucky just kind of rolls. And they're also. Okay, so just and then it adds the other layer of the   of like, what's going to happen, you know, because I feel like if he had dropped, had immediately approached her and like, started talking and did you know and I don't know, I feel like it would have really just like, spoiled that whole setup.


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And I think what they going for, it was just it was just great. They really nailed it. But that's actually not the first time we see Chucky. no, it all depends really on this. You consider Chucky to be Carly Rae? Yeah. Played by Brad Dourif for the doll, also played by. Well, yeah. So let's talk about the first time we meet the actual Charles Lee Ray when he is.


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Well, he's being pursued by a police officer. Yes. And that police officer is Chris random, of course, with a wonderful Chicago accent and chases him into that. You know, of course, to align with the entire point of the movie and franchise Toy Story, there was an original opening that they cut where Chris Sarandon's character, the Cop, is named Mike.


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I think. Okay, Mike is dressed up as a woman to try to catch Charles Lee Ray. He's like into okay. And apparently and I haven't noticed this all the times I've watched it, but apparently at the beginning of the movie, they cut out that part. But you still see him like throw a dress away. Interesting. Like on to the street or something because chases and he must just, like, rip it off.


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So when did does it do they ever mention when they eventually made the decision to cut it or was it just an editing room? Decision is probably just in the editing room. So maybe it was the right decision for I'm assuming Tom Holland made that choice ultimately to be like, No, I think we need that element in this movie right now.


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Yeah, it really literally plays no real purpose into the story. So I could I just I'm actually glad they did that, you know, like trim the fat, get to the point where that's like I heard this movie was like two plus hours at one point, but then they had to cut it down, obviously. I don't know, like it's like just like Charlie Ray becoming Chucky, Cut it down.


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So, yeah, when we first see Charlie, Ray's escaping into a toy store. And apparently he knows a bunch of voodoo. Yeah, I kind of just threw that at us. So. Such a convenient setup in, like, the best, the most perfect way ends up at the toy store, ends up, you know, like he knows voodoo. And not only does he know voodoo, he can transfer his soul into another object living or inanimate in this case, Right?


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That's another story he could have ended up in that would have been less convenient. Like if he had like because, I mean, if you think about it, Chucky is just a doll. I mean, it's you know, it's obviously supposed to look like a human, but it's just plastic. So if he would. Yeah. What if you, like, turn himself into a fridge, But it's still like, how do you, you know, like, the idea is that Chucky sort of, like, becomes more human throughout the longer his soul body.


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So what would other objects look like? The longer you're getting in this closet with the. We are getting in line with the killer inanimate object trend that is going around. There was rubber about the killer tiger. Yeah. There's one about a killer recliner. What was that? What's the Stephen King one with Robert Englund with the the mangled the main color.


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Yeah. Yeah. So, okay, so, so it's fair to say that Charles Lee Ray would have been safe, for the most part, transferring his soul into any object. But it was advantageous to transfer his soul into something that had arms, legs and could talk. Yeah. So you got. Look, you lucked out, dude. If you walked out, that was like he fell into those stack.


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That stack of good guy dolls that like his last moment where he was like, I got to do this now. What if he was in a different I. Yeah, right. With, like, the, like a Teddy Ruxpin doll or something, so. Well, that could be terrifying. That would be horrifying. My sister had a Teddy Ruxpin doll, and, yeah, it was cute, but until it.


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Until it spoke. Yeah. That's so cute when you're, like, three years old and there's a talking bear just sitting in the room next to you. But it probably was cute until you see Chucky. And did you see Child's play for the first time? Then you're like. Then you peek over at that Teddy Ruxpin. It's still a name we've already determined because of my year of birth that Chucky always existed in my lifetime.


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So I was never really safe zone with talking dolls. So here's here's a question. So I know when he does his voodoo chant. Yeah. Like the clouds come in and it starts to lightning and thunder. But then the toy Story explodes. That was always weird to me. Was it a bolt of lightning that came down? Yeah.


00;17;40;20 - 00;18;15;02


And maybe it was just, you know, it just happened to explode. This time. Because of what? The lightning. It was striking, but yeah, no, never happen because we get the clouds and all the other in all the sequels. But I. Yeah. I don't believe we get an explosion. Yeah. And I think, I think it was they make it somewhat clear that it was from lightning but so if it exploded why is Chucky not destroyed in was what if that was just a short film child's play.


00;18;15;07 - 00;18;37;10


It's just he possesses the doll only to be struck by lightning it destroyed credits roll and then someone picks it up. They're like, You know what? I can make a good movie. Yeah. Which basically is the plot of Seed of Chucky, where it's like a movie about the Chucky doll and Tip Chucky and Tiffany doll. I yeah.


00;18;37;10 - 00;19;18;22


Because, like, Jennifer Tilly is in it. Yeah. Playing her else. Yeah. But also voicing the Tiffany doll who then later ends up possessing Jennifer Tilly. So Jennifer Tilly becomes Tiffany again. my gosh. It's so crazy. I love it. But I think when it's not even like a reveal that Chucky reveals himself, but it's when Andy says he wants to watch the 9:00 news, which also that's another that's one of those like moments in the movie that are like, genuinely creepy, you know, especially now that I'm older.


00;19;18;22 - 00;19;51;06


I'm watching it as an adult. And I babysat many kids in my time and there, but so far I don't think I've had any really, like, creepy experiences. But it's things like that. It's like I it's just it's too specific of a request that it's right orders. I'm disturbing. Yeah. And then I man, I remember, like, my neighbor when I was a kid, he was always telling me about stuff that I like.


00;19;51;06 - 00;20;09;26


I wasn't supposed to know right? And not like bad stuff. No, but that was your movies. Like, it would be like this. Like, Yeah. Yeah. You would tell me about, like, the lady who got hit with a hammer in the window, and it's so, like, you got to see it. They're like, what, five years? And then I remember, like, seeing it.


00;20;09;26 - 00;20;39;02


I'd be like, this is what he was talking about. Yeah, Yeah, man. So it's funny, I always think about, you know, because you're, you're, you got into horror as a young kid, right? You started watching horror. Yeah. So that was the same with me. And I always wonder, you know, when I have kids, what limits am I planning on giving them in terms of the types of horror movies they watch?


00;20;39;05 - 00;21;02;05


It is part of me that's like, Well, I'm fine. I develop perfectly. And then I wonder if I did I as a record, like a podcast about like people who killed people. Yeah. Was that the best choice? It's funny you say that because our kid is five now, and it was a year ago that we showed him tremors.


00;21;02;07 - 00;21;25;24


That's which, you know, you think it's kind of like, okay, it's like a basically a fifties monster movie. Yeah they did for our time, but it's pretty violent. Yeah, there's a lot of cursing. Yeah, pretty intense. He sat and watched the whole thing. But then like, at the time, I was like, yeah, he could watch Tremors. What was his reaction to it?


00;21;25;27 - 00;21;48;25


He loved it. did he? I mean, he didn't like he just sat and watched the whole thing. He didn't like it, but he was he loved it. So that's great. All right. So there is hope for future generations after all. Yeah. And then I was like, well, maybe that was a little too early. Yeah. Four years old to watch Tremors.


00;21;48;27 - 00;22;08;08


And now? Now he won't even let me read Frankenstein. That's funny. I got, like, a little my first chapter book thing, and it's like, Yeah, Frankenstein story, but it's like a condensed version. Yeah. And I was like, You always get to story before bed and it's like, Hey, I'm going to read Frankenstein now because that's too scary for me.


00;22;08;11 - 00;22;56;02


That's funny. Yeah, Yeah. Like, for some reason, once I started talking about how Frankenstein organs were created from different people that were buried after they died, it's like just get like a blank stare, like, you wouldn't sleep after that, But when they made child's play, they built like a bunch of different dolls, animatronics, like animatronic dolls. But then in some of the I don't know if it was scenes where he had to have more movement or what the reasoning was, but like a kid would play like a small child would play Chucky and like they made the furniture bigger.


00;22;56;05 - 00;23;16;13


that's fun on set. Like specifically, they made like this table bigger, like this couch big so that he would look even smaller. Yeah, his proportions would kind of stay the same. There's a couple of scenes where you can tell it's a kid with, like, a wig on. I definitely knew there was someone in a costume. I just didn't know how they cast that.


00;23;16;16 - 00;23;41;18


Yeah, I just imagine, like, directing, it's like, okay, now grab the knife. Like, so and I want you to just, like, strike the knife and just get it just like it is like child's plays. It's like traumatizing chills just by scenes on set. Yeah, I don't know. Like, I know they used kids at some point, but yeah, that might have been a little person.


00;23;41;21 - 00;24;07;12


We didn't really talk about how like, he gets Chucky. okay. Yeah. Like, yeah, because, you know, like, because basically the idea is that Charles is trying to be purchased essentially so that he could find the human right. is he like, he puts himself into a box or does it just even take the. Yeah. He's because he takes the doll out of the box.


00;24;07;14 - 00;24;33;14


Wow. I never thought about that. Yeah. Yeah. He puts himself back in a box like he wants to be bought. So that. That's crazy. Yeah. That never crossed my mind. Yeah. So, Charles, there he goes. Not only does he go, you know, it's funny. The last episode we talked about how Billy Loomis was so strategic and sort of like how he planned everything, even to the point where, like, you may have not even noticed it.


00;24;33;14 - 00;25;01;01


I feel like this is another example of that, where it's like Charles Lee Ray on pursuit from the police, sneaks in, breaks into a closed toy store, uses his voodoo magic to transfer his soul into the doll. Then as a doll packages himself up into the empty good guy doll box, which was which was not destroyed in the explosion.


00;25;01;04 - 00;25;30;06


Thank goodness. Yeah. Yeah. Perfect condition. Although. and then. So then the whole idea is that he's basically being sold by someone just like in some random alley so that the mom can buy it, you know, for her son for his birthday. But do we know how Chucky got himself to be sold in the first place, or was it just sort of like the guy found him in the wreckage?


00;25;30;09 - 00;25;58;27


Well, you're jumping ahead a little bit. I want to know how Chucky taped the top of the box. So once he got in there, I feel like we've already established that Charles Lee Ray is very skilled and very unequipped, acted sort of areas. So. Whoa. We didn't know that. Well, we didn't see in the deleted scenes with him possessing another doll just to tape up the box that that he climbed into as the first door.


00;25;58;29 - 00;26;20;08


Yeah. Or there's like a deleted like eight minute scene of him. Just try. It's a one shot, no cutting and just no music or anything. Just him trying to like, finagle his, like, plastic hands out of the box. You apply the tape, you know? God, he's. I almost feel bad for Charlie Ray. For all the bad shit.


00;26;20;08 - 00;26;50;09


He's dead. You know, He took real strides to sort of for this whole setup. He's he's he's earned some. You didn't think about that one, did you, Chuck? Planning this whole charade. So. Yeah, so. But the the guy in the alley does mention something at some point about finding it in, like, a burnt out toy store. Okay, I like that.


00;26;50;14 - 00;27;11;29


Okay, well, that's fine. That checks out, then. Something like that. I'm not sure what that where that comes in, but I remember hearing that. Yeah. So that's that then that sets up our first real like and our main characters being introduced to Chucky. Yeah. You know, I always forget. I don't wanna keep calling her the mom. Karen, come here.


00;27;12;04 - 00;27;40;06


And Barker and Barclay, she. Yeah. So she purchases the purchases of the doll and surprises Andy with. With a good guy doll for his birthday since he felt gypped out on good get out accessories you know, and grateful as a little rude, but like a toolbox or something. Yeah, like fake tools. Yeah. yeah. Because that's how Chucky gets the hammer.


00;27;40;08 - 00;28;04;07


I mean, at least we know these are good quality tools for them to be lethal. Well, yeah, right. They usually get a real hammer. It's just a small hammer. It's not a toy. I wouldn't go that far. Well, I guess the the the eighties were a little more rough and tumble. Carefree. Yeah. Nineties. Kids think the kids can handle a hammer.


00;28;04;07 - 00;28;32;17


They're fine. I would drill. Yeah, but how cute is Andy? my God. He's the sweetest. He's, like, making that breakfast in bed, and it's so gross. That little idiot. man. But then I feel so bad for him when he's, like, in the hospital and scared, and he's like, the people don't help him. my gosh. It breaks my heart.


00;28;32;22 - 00;28;54;26


That's the one good thing is like, it's one thing to have a horror movie where the kids are sort of like the scary element. But when they're the character where no one believes them, it's like, God damn it. Because, yeah, especially like you said, he is like this cute kid he's set up as he's so innocent, he's so caring, but he's also so naive.


00;28;54;26 - 00;29;18;22


And the mom, I think, sees those little shortcomings or it's like, okay, not the most. I don't know, reputable source for information. So that we're giving it we're giving enough set up that by the time he starts telling his mom that his doll is alive, you know, you can understand that she puts no way into that whatsoever. Right.


00;29;18;24 - 00;29;55;07


Right. Shut up and go to bed. So, yeah, he's basically the perfect pawn for Chucky, though, so. Yeah. So Chucky meets his end in crispy fashion. Yep. Charmed. And you think it's over, but then he comes back as, like, his. I would like his final form, so to speak, as this, like, gloopy charred monster. Yeah. And how does he go?


00;29;55;07 - 00;30;15;27


How do you. How do you. I actually don't remember how they end up offing him in the first one. He shoots him through the heart. Got it? Because that was the whole thing they, like, lopped off his head and they he shot one of his legs, now blew up like that. Right. He was still going. And they had to shoot him in the heart because he was becoming human.


00;30;16;04 - 00;31;08;06


Yes. And it's funny because during my rewatch, I genuinely forgot. I was like, how do they set it up in the sequel? And then obviously we'll get to that. But, well, let's just jump into it right now. Let's do it and Karen Child's Play two has probably the coolest opening of the franchise. I agree. I mean, we're eventually going to vote on what we think is the coolest intro to these characters.


00;31;08;09 - 00;31;37;26


But I think spoiler alert, part two parts Taking the cake. I think part two. Yeah. So the only anticipation comes in the worst reveal, which I do know what it is, but I won't spoil it just yet. Yeah, but part two Child's play two. Number one. The poster is just the coolest thing ever. yeah. I used to see that all the time in the video store when I was a kid, and that was just.


00;31;37;28 - 00;31;57;22


yeah. I mean, I was just naturally terrified of dolls in the first place, so. But yeah, no, I agree. The we're talking about the story. We're talking about the first or the second one, the second one with second Jack in the box and he's got the big purses. Right. And then the tagline is Sorry Jack Chucky's back.


00;31;57;28 - 00;32;35;26


Like how good is that? And that's a cool thing is that it's not like something that really has to do with the movie. Like they, they put this whole jack in the box element and the whole tagline to the movie is based just for the poster. Well, I think what's perfect about it is that it totally sets the tone for the sequel, which is I will say I the thing I love about the first movie is it is sort of this like police drama, police, family drama, mystery, sort of there's there's really some fun elements in it to sort of stay engaged.


00;32;35;28 - 00;33;06;06


You know, it's not just a horror movie. It's not just about a possessed doll. Whereas I feel like the second one has a little less to play with. Yeah, because you're sort of just picking up where we left off. So I think that by I can I can understand why the movie shifts a bit tonally into that more comedic landscape and has the beginning of the first child's play is just tension, like kind of, because we don't know about this doll yet.


00;33;06;06 - 00;33;42;16


But then once you get to child's play to, it just starts off and you know already what's happening. Yeah, I mean there's almost really the only tension and suspense that you get in regard to like building up Chucky, which, like you said, I took a whole half of a movie basically in the first one. And this one, it you get the opening credits over Chucky basically being and right away like, yeah there's no you get no no breathing room in between the creepiest.


00;33;42;19 - 00;34;09;22


I don't know if it's if I should call it creepiest or the music. Yeah the music has such a almost like a playhouse kind of Yeah. To that part to feel so much like so many other nineties movie Not even necessarily horror but it had that's where it was almost like dreamy. Okay. You know like reality was heightened just a little bit.


00;34;09;22 - 00;34;32;26


Everything's a little stranger in this world like I think of drop dead Fred or toys with Robin Williams. Everything's like, there's something about it. And this one definitely kind of falls into that. Absolutely. Which also ties into that type of music, that kind of toy house music. Yeah, It was almost like playing this music. Like a toy piano that it was.


00;34;32;26 - 00;35;25;25


Yeah. man, It was cool. Yeah. It's a lot like in, in the, in the the original TV movie for Stephen King's. It. Yeah. So part two, he gets rebuilt after he's polished and stenciled and dressed. they're putting his eyeballs in and that's where he's is The guys are going a machine jammed and then he did and then he did and Yeah.


00;35;25;25 - 00;35;46;20


And so the whole idea in this movie is that it's been a few years since the first one and they sort of want to make confusing this is part three where they sort of want to rebrand and be like, Look, the Chucky dolls are great. We even have the original one that malfunctioned and we're going to prove to you that is funny.


00;35;46;23 - 00;36;19;24


Yeah, I think. I don't know if there's nothing years it might have been, but it was some time had passed. I might be confused. I know that part three, I think is the one with the big time. Well, yeah, because Andy grows up. But yeah, so that's what it is. So yeah. So he, they basically are like there is like a PR issue where they're saying so that we don't screw it up for the company, the company's image, we're going to take that actual doll that quote malfunctioned in the first movie we're going to dress it up, make it look pretty and sell it and be like, look how confident we are in this.


00;36;19;24 - 00;36;44;10


Like, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Right. Not knowing that it's possessed by a serial killer. Yeah. And the whole point and then and then in the sequel, you know, they explain why his mom didn't return for this movie so that they just put him in foster care and then he's. And then he's taken in by this. They're painted as like this super nice family.


00;36;44;16 - 00;37;07;18


But again, like, similar to like the whole tone and of the movie and the music there, there's something off about them which isn't really explored for any narrative purposes. I don't think they're just weird. Everything's like a little weird, like the way that their house is designed and the sort of decoration they have. I don't know. I just remember feeling very uneasy by it.


00;37;07;20 - 00;37;35;15


I think that like the scenes in the house, at least in the first part, when you get to the house. Yeah, they're all wide angles. And so it makes everything kind of, totally, almost like a little bit ish where everything feels. And maybe that's the point. I could, I could understand why maybe that's supposed to be for Andy's perspective of everything feels a little alien and, you know, outside of his reality.


00;37;35;15 - 00;37;58;27


So I get that I don't think it was necessary because we already have this whole element of a killer doll, which already is the sort of alien thing in these movies. So then to add this other element where we feel even more removed from reality, I, I, I wasn't a huge fan of that, but I can at least understand why they maybe what they're out.


00;37;58;29 - 00;38;28;18


Yeah. And the first time Chucky's revealed to Andy. Yeah well that's the thing is like Andy is again he's trying so hard, you feel terrible for him because he's trying so hard to kind of believe that what everyone's telling him, which is that the doll didn't really come to life in his free he's just like in the first movie is genuinely like putting in effort to do the right thing and do what he's told.


00;38;28;21 - 00;39;07;13


And Chucky just keeps fucking with him. It's you're just like, you hate this. You hate it so much because, like, for a kid, he even goes so far as to invite in a good guy doll that is Foster parents give him to sort of overcome it. And he's like, Sure. And then literally, right then Chucky comes back and just like, uses that doll against him, like, which not I don't know if I'm jumping too far, but I love one of my favorite parts of the movie is how Chucky grabs the new Good Guy doll and buries it.


00;39;07;15 - 00;39;32;14


It's so fun. my gosh, it's so good. But not until he smashes his face with the the decoration that the mom was all. Don't touch. Yes. To to plan it on, Andy. To make him look like he was being a little shit. Yeah I like Chucky is very he's a shithead in this movie. Much more so than the first one.


00;39;32;16 - 00;39;54;07


he's like, really trying to fuck with Andy. Because now not only is he trying to possess them, he hates for what he put him through in the first one. Yeah, but that. man. Right. So he buries him, right. Yeah. I love how Chucky's eventually discovered by the by the foster sister who I love. I love that character.


00;39;54;07 - 00;40;26;16


Yeah. And I love. Is it. It is Kyle, right? She's on the swing set and she's dragging her feet against the ground only to eventually find the original doll, which then leads her to believe Andy. Yeah. Yeah, that's a great little reveal. Yeah. So she puts Chucky in the garbage can, and then she goes to swing and she finds the broken Tommy doll, and she goes back to the garbage can and lifts up the lid and he's gone.


00;40;26;18 - 00;40;51;24


Yeah. And then she here so far. So she, she runs so far. Child's play two. It's kind of taken it in terms of like these really awesome introductions. yeah. It's a different characters. I agree. It kind of like, even plays into a lot of different tones. So like you have the opening credits, like the intro to us is just like a really cool little opening credits sequence.


00;40;51;26 - 00;41;12;17


His official introduction is exactly what you would expect from Chucky. You know, like with the water gun in the car, he's vulgar, he's ridiculous. But then you have this other one with Kyle, which is has that sort of, you know, suspense that that that tension that from the third is from a little bit more from the first one.


00;41;12;17 - 00;41;45;02


Yeah. Not the perfect movie in the franchise but has a lot of high points. the ending of child's Play two. That setting is so cool. Yeah, I guess Child's play two really nails it with understanding what it is. Yeah. And embracing it. And, you know, in even going so far as to end it at the toy factory with like this really ridiculous machine which Adam my knowledge of how toys are made is limited.


00;41;45;02 - 00;42;10;06


So maybe this is all like legit architecture, but I think it's a kind of like take yourself mechanism. Yeah, yeah. It's, which makes for like, these awesome, you know, these really fun, you know, this fun little finale of, like, running through the machinery and not very booby trap kind of Indiana Jones style, right? They'll just when they may get it.


00;42;10;08 - 00;42;28;22


Yeah. Which is just so ridiculous. But so much fun here. And then you have that one guy who gets killed when he has speaking of eyes from the opening that they have that nice setup in the first scene, only to be paid off here where he gets the eyes, the plastic eyes jabbed into his. Yeah. that's a criticism of the greatest kills.


00;42;28;22 - 00;42;52;03


Yeah. The clamps come down on his head. So. Yeah. And then I the way they pull off Chucky's death is so again, very similar to the first one. It's just really fun because he literally kind of turns into like a monster. Yeah. You know, it's like, it's like this goopy mess. It's just like, so gross in the fact that he's still, like, mobile.


00;42;52;05 - 00;43;14;15


That child's Play two is the first movie I watched, and I was a kid, and that freaked me out so much. It really scarred me as a kid. Like Chucky alone freaked me out. But in this day, it was that really put me over the edge. yeah, I could totally see that, because he's. He almost looks like Cabbage Patch stuff.


00;43;14;15 - 00;43;39;09


No, not a cabbage patch garbage pail kid in the second one when he's, like, all goofy and they stick like the arrows in his mouth and, like, his face gets really big and he's all gross. And I kind of thought of, like, the garbage pail kids. totally Which I was never allowed to have Garbage Pail kids. I think they like they like trading cards or something.


00;43;39;12 - 00;44;00;29


I think, yeah, I never had that. But why were you not allowed to have this? This is my mom that they were gross. They're very like, freaky, very off putting. Yeah, they are. They're just gross. And it's also funny, you know, it's like I mean, when I was a kid, I loved playing with Barbie dolls. So, sure, I would have wanted a Cabbage Patch kid.


00;44;01;02 - 00;44;30;18


But like, back then, it was like garbage pail. Kids are for the boys because boys are so, so dated, so stupid. Well, I had to. I remember I had a cabbage patch, see, And that was where I said you have a normal is like I wanted to have a baby doll. Yeah. So my mom bought me like a pig, like a, I don't know, like your mom's probably like, if you want a doll, I'm going to give you the normal human one, not the demented like boogers coming out of its nose.


00;44;30;18 - 00;44;54;14


Or just. Which is more accurate. She should have given me that one. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Like, well, I feel like I can really relate to this story, though. I mean, like, babies have hairs on their grow not being exact. That was you. You embodied all the characteristics, all the worst characteristics of the Garfield kids. When you're growing up to stop doing that, you're already have enough of this.


00;44;54;14 - 00;45;20;21


In real life. I don't need a doll. She would just get it. I'll get you a real baby doll so you can have a normal kid around here. Something to set a good example. It just sets up and lays around heels. As in quiet, a quiet version of you. Please go. Right. You're like, Wait, My childhood is a lot darker than that.


00;45;20;24 - 00;45;49;27


my gosh, my poor mom. All I did was talk about movies. She was so, like, nice about, like, going along with it and pretending she was interested. I feel like that I did. I can relate to that. I feel like that still hasn't gone away. Like, obviously if I'm talking to a fellow like movie lover, you can get just like lost and just tangents, talking about whatever, but I feel like anyone else.


00;45;49;27 - 00;46;13;27


I mean, I'll talk to Cody and he's still just kind of gives me a blank stares, being so polite, going off. I like going off. That's a stupid movie detail that even I'm not that interested in. Right. But I'm very invested in it emotionally. And he's just like, I know. Okay, wow. That's. That's the story. Yeah. Okay. There's like, he tries to wrap it up before you're done.


00;46;13;27 - 00;46;38;29


It's like, I just have to have the checks and they're like, Take. Yeah. No, I can relate to that. yeah. So Chuckie's got the arrows in his mouth. Yeah, it blows up, but he's still like the lobbed together on this. Like, like his melted self has made like he's very, like a square for him. He's making it work.


00;46;38;29 - 00;47;06;25


Yeah, it's gonna work. But that brings us to child's Play three, which is. Yeah. Years later. And now we start in the same setting that we left in part two. But it's been years, it's been closed down. There's cobwebs everywhere. Dark and gross cobwebs. Yeah. And then I don't know why. Like the machines turn down. Does that explain that?


00;47;06;25 - 00;47;32;08


Because, like, that big clock comes in and, like, picks up this blob? Well, this is what I was I was confusing originally. Part two, part three. And the the character who runs like this, I guess the CEO of could get dollars or whatever. Whoever owns that property, we never really revisit him in the second one where we pick up with him in the opening scene and part three.


00;47;32;08 - 00;47;51;02


Yeah, and for a lot of times I always confuse the opening of part three where you're in, like his penthouse. Yeah, I always thought that was in part two. Yeah, well, it would make sense because. We have this introduction of him never to be paid off in early to time. It is paid off is in a totally different movie.


00;47;51;02 - 00;48;14;04


Yeah. So, I mean, the confusion is totally understandable, right? I mean, I confuse the openings every time. Yeah. Because he's, he's not even like in wrestling, but he just in the beginning of both of them, which is weird. Yeah. And so in what is the setup with. So that's the only intro that I have trouble remembering. So he's like, why they bring him back?


00;48;14;04 - 00;48;40;16


Well, like the intro where we see in the, the old factory and all that stuff. I think that's just like a clever way to like show that he's connect the dots because then like, he's like bleeding and like it drips into like an already mixing. That's what it is. But like, that wouldn't be going in a broken down factory.


00;48;40;19 - 00;49;06;28


But then, like, you see him, like his, like his his body is like they reverse the footage so it looks like he's being formed. That's right. It's very eerie. Reminded me of the movie possessor where, like, the skin is sort of separated. Yeah, right. And it's like rebuilding. And yes, the whole idea is that they're using his blood basically to transfer into a completely new doll.


00;49;07;00 - 00;49;47;11


But my question is, is why wasn't that just I don't know, destroyed? Why? Why why did they recycle any of that? Well, know, it's just it's like, yeah, I don't know if they were like, meant to like, here, let's make a new doll out of this glob of melted plastic. But I think they, like, picked it up to, like, move it and blood just adds right in the thing in the vat that's plastic yet so they're that's that makes sense because they're reusing the they're using this same abandoned factory which would explain why there would be that.


00;49;47;14 - 00;50;10;23


Okay. That totally. Okay. I get it now. Yeah. The guy who got his eyeballs poked out. Yeah, he's still there to just, like, decomposing. No, knowing he had little there's, like, a whole back story hit, and they had no friends. And family. No one came to check on him. They just found it, like, shit. And like, nobody came in the next day to work the factory.


00;50;10;23 - 00;50;38;21


Just, like, shut down people. Just stop coming for it to just be abandoned completely. Is that. That's like the most far fetched thing in this movie. About, like, possessed dolls, right? I want to know why they checked Chucky. Then where's the maintenance crew for his maintenance guys? I mean, these are. These are basic things because, you know, they would have been like, okay, this guy died.


00;50;38;21 - 00;51;02;01


We got to get him out of here. Number one. Had it right. And yeah, what is this giant glob of stuff that looks like you're doing right next to it? Yeah, I don't know that. Like, they would clean up. I'm going to say anything else. Let's throw it out. Yeah, right. Let's leave it on the floor. Barry. Ah, that's the name I gave him.


00;51;02;04 - 00;51;25;28


Our our good guide, dog technician who bites it. Very nice and very. They come in to clean up Barry's body. But then just like they pull him out and they just let that sit there as the factory shuts down, you would think there would be like, some some kind of cleanup process. I'd be like, okay, guys, for shutting the factory down, let's get it ready to shut down.


00;51;25;28 - 00;51;49;16


People are just like, okay, well, see? Yeah, like they straight up a bandit did. Yeah, He was, like, in a hurry. Yeah. I feel like they're giving themselves even more work under the, you know, like in the event that they do reopen now they have this mess that's sort of just been breeding who knows what sort of bacteria over the years.


00;51;49;19 - 00;52;10;21


So really it's sort of like a disadvantage to them where they're just gone out of their way to do a really quick mop job. Yeah, come on, guys. Just quick pick them up. And we're really disappointed in this. Yeah. Management is just I mean, I guess you can understand it's they don't do the best job of PR. I could see why their, their cleanup isn't up to par either.


00;52;10;24 - 00;52;43;08


They work left, right. Welcome to hell on earth. You are without a doubt the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Strip discipline. Does this look like a gun to you, Berkeley? It's a rifle. Next, rigid dress codes. Crystal, you're a ball. Get weapons in here. I want to see them high and grueling drills. It couldn't possibly get any worse.


00;52;43;10 - 00;53;15;00


Wrong again with Chucky's back a few years have passed. No, you're dead. You killed you. I'm new and improved it. Can't we take breadwinners and turn them into men and be how you? And this time we're really got to get out of this buy. He's looking for a new recruit. I got some fresh meat lined up, and I'm not going to let you spoil it.


00;53;15;02 - 00;53;56;12


Now, just think Chucky is going to be broke. Child's play three. Look who's stalking a haircut. Any regulation. Soldier Regulate this. So Chucky has to reintroduce himself to Andy in in the worst possible way. I can't watch it every time it comes on. I had to shut my eyes because he's under the bed and he cuts the back of his ankle.


00;53;56;14 - 00;54;26;07


the Achilles heel. I can't. I just, like, I cringe every time people people getting their Achilles heel slashed is my personal Achilles heel, right? So, yeah, yeah. Think about it. Andy hasn't seen Chucky in, I don't know, ten years. Yeah, since he blew him up into a pile of goop. And now all of a sudden, he's just, like, sitting on his bed at military school, and he gets his Achilles heel cut.


00;54;26;09 - 00;54;59;22


Yeah, Yeah. Really fucked up. Really unfortunate for Andy, who's, again, just like this cyclone is really trying his best to, you know, recuperate and get past the fact that a killer doll twice came after him and, you know, ripped apart his family and foster family. But now he's another kid because he told the I have an issue with this, so set it up and then I'll tell you why I don't like it.


00;54;59;22 - 00;55;19;13


Well, no, it confuses me because he's so he has to transfer his soul into the first person he told his real name to. Right. That's how it's set up. Yeah. In one and two. Yeah. But now he told this other kid that who, who he is and. Yeah. And he's just like out of the picture now. Yeah. That's weird.


00;55;19;13 - 00;55;40;09


Right. So this is, this is what bothered me about that. I actually love that idea, but I think the follow through was way too rushed because I feel like the whole movie could have. Even if the audience kind of caught on. I feel like it would have been fun if Chucky was still under the impression that he had to possess Andy.


00;55;40;12 - 00;56;21;15


And then, like, maybe like the midpoint of the movie is Chucky realizing, fuck, I introduced myself in this form to that other kid. So then it becomes like, kind of almost like a twist where this whereas because now in the way it's presented in this one, the movie's set up and it's very choppy. It's sort of like just broken up into these segments and like where it doesn't, it feels so like there could have been a much smoother way narratively to get to where they get to earlier if they had just, you know, built it up a little more slowly, set it up as more of a twist.


00;56;21;17 - 00;56;49;27


Yeah, I get that. I don't know. That bothered me when I was rewatching it, because there was it was such a cool because there is a plot because really the story of this is just he just comes and he's trying to possess a kid. Yeah, it's just the same thing And he could have done. Yeah. So then to kind of give away you're like telling every you know, you're just giving away this really fun payoff like 15 minutes into the movie and it's like, what a wasted opportunity there.


00;56;50;01 - 00;57;52;10


Yeah, But, you know, some people, if they had like a time machine, they would go back and kill Hitler. I wouldn't waste that trip. I would go back to the Making of Child's Play three and give them that idea. Yeah, like my job is done. It's over. What the hell is everybody? High soldier. Fuck me. right. See how they're using nine rounds?


00;57;52;13 - 00;58;19;00


Not to say that the third one is, like, enters into this, like, overly, like, serious territory or anything, but the franchise really kind of, like, found its footing a little bit. Kind of like how part two did when it transitioned from the first one, you know, because the third one feels a little throwaway. It doesn't really right. Add to the lore or anything.


00;58;19;02 - 00;58;42;04


It just sort of there. It's like we're kind of rehashing, been there, done that sort of stuff. Whereas and then Bride of Chucky, it's like, Well, how do we take this medium? How do we take these elements of the story that are so already far fetched and just sort of play with them, expand on them? You know, I'm actually kind of surprised that it took until part four to introduce another possessed doll.


00;58;42;06 - 00;59;08;19


okay. you know, it's like, yeah, there's like, there's things that they really just have fun with in this movie. It's obviously gets it obviously gets even more cartoonish and over-the-top, but I think that sort of gradual build up in that regard, sort of like work. So by the time we get to part four, you can accept exactly where it is.


00;59;08;19 - 00;59;42;17


You're kind of in on the joke at this point. You mean the work and ask me to marry you? What, are you, fucking nuts? Yeah. You thought that that fact, it just. I haven't changed. I'll never change that. How was I thinking? And the first thing got to do is get me out of this body once and for all.


00;59;42;19 - 01;00;26;15


No, I think I prefer you like this. You're kind of cute. You're just like a little baby is a little baby tick. The leash is just. Yes, he Is he okay? Really tired. Time to go to sleep and. Okay, I get it. You're still hung up on the domestic thing. No problem. We'll get hitched. Sorry I'm not into show, guys.


01;00;26;17 - 01;01;02;24


And now Chucky is dismembered in many pieces. Yeah, Which again, they kept. Why they keep hanging on to these pieces of this doll who murders? Everybody. I do not know. I give a lot of credit to the filmmakers, too, you know, in terms of, like, everything being connected, there is a pretty solid throughline. They are like, you know, there is canon in this franchise that they really that they really stick to the canon even in the later movies.


01;01;02;26 - 01;01;27;07


And there are do you notice I mean, I guess it's I think it's fairly obvious, but the little nods to other horror franchises. yeah. You see in the evidence locker. Yeah. This is when we first meet Jennifer Tilly, our second monster in the child's play franchise gets introduced with an awesome Rob Zombie song. Yes, Living Dead Girl.


01;01;27;10 - 01;01;49;18


That's Bride of Chucky as a yeah. Again, all these movies have really great intros because that we kind of get like a two for one deal with Jennifer Tilly's character, right? Who then becomes a doll herself. Yeah. After Chucky electrocute her while she's in the bath. Yeah. Watching Bride of Frankenstein, which is so perfect. Yeah, so much fun.


01;01;49;18 - 01;02;15;17


I love that. The first time Chucky is revealed to another human, even to Tiffany. it's the boyfriend. Or the guy who wants to be her boyfriend who actually isn't as violent right as he lets on. It's all, like, esthetic. He, like, takes a picture and, like, shows her the guy he murdered. But really? Yeah. That it's like it's a thousand something.


01;02;15;19 - 01;02;41;27


Yes, it actually he does. And then anybody he rips is gearing out his look breaks. I hate it. yeah. It just props to the makeup department. But man, it makes my stomach and then only for the the characters death is ends up being actually not very bloody because he just puts a pillow on his face and sits on it.


01;02;42;00 - 01;03;05;25


So pretty disturbing. But yeah, fairly clean kill I guess. Well, like, how heavy is Chucky? Yeah, it goes like this, dude, even though the dude is tied up and he's got the pillow on his face and Chucky sitting on top of it, like, just sitting, not even, like, pressing down. He's just like, you'd think the guy could, like, move his head and knock Chucky off to the side.


01;03;05;27 - 01;03;32;07


Yeah, like Chucky's soul doesn't add any more weight to the doll like we've seen in other movies. People are just, like, flinging him around. Yeah. My favorite reveal in this movie of Chucky to a character. It's got to be John Ritter. yeah? Is that the. The nail gun scene? Well, he puts the nails like where the airbag will come out.


01;03;32;09 - 01;03;54;09


That's right. And the airbag comes out and he gets out. yeah. Chucky creates that whole contraption. Like really quick about something just crazy. Yeah, It also, there's this sort of idea where isn't he going to, like, use a knife? And Tiffany is like, Chucky, that's not like you need to be more creative than that.


01;03;54;11 - 01;04;26;19


And then all of a sudden, Chucky is this sort of, like, murderous architect. Yeah. Who could create these contraptions, right? But sure. And that's. Well, even the line, he says once John Ritter has, like, all the nails in his face, he's like, That looks awfully familiar, they say about Pinhead. Yes. Yeah. But like, I remember noting that and I was like, there are these thrills as though, What's the director's name?


01;04;26;22 - 01;04;49;09


Ronnie. You, Ronnie, you. I was going to say, Johnny, you, Ronnie, you. It was almost as though he was like hoping that he could sort of explore all of these other horror franchises, sort of like plant these seeds. I mean, I guess it kind of worked out for him, but my gosh, please do not direct another installment of the classic franchise.


01;04;49;09 - 01;05;20;02


Ronnie, you please. You don't want to see Ronnie used Chucky versus Pinhead. That would be 20 plus years in the making. So, yeah, I don't think Chucky Chucky wouldn't stand a chance against the set of might. Or would he? Because he's doesn't have human flesh. So, like. Well, I guess he does feel pain, though. So I guess it's all the same eventually the longer he's in the body or the toy.


01;05;20;02 - 01;05;48;08


Yeah, but what does that your right body I think only. Yeah, I don't know. So in the first one when they shoot him at the end, blood comes out. So he's becoming like human. But obviously in part two, when they rebuild him, there's not blood inside of him. No, but then at that, but I think it is like a gradual because at the end at least.


01;05;48;10 - 01;06;09;08


Yeah. And saves the longer he's in there or maybe that would be the big maybe that would be the big turn and a child's a Chucky versus Pinhead movie is you think Chucky has the upper hand until you realize he's in the body. The doll long enough that he ends up becoming vulnerable to this set of bites and yes.


01;06;09;10 - 01;06;30;22


And now then it becomes like more of an equal playing field, man. You write that down. How are you writing this movie Regenerate this? Are we doing this and we're actually doing it Then I'm sure you know, it's great as I'm sure we're not going to we're not going to have to deal with any rights issues. We can just jump right into it.


01;06;30;24 - 01;06;57;27


Well, I think so. Legally, we're fine. Hey, they're like churning Hellraiser movies out. They're just like giving them out on the street. From my end. Every time Bell rings, a hellraiser movie is made, right? Well, it's like, from my understanding, they do it to keep the rights. Yeah, Like the company has the rights for so long and they're about to lose it if they don't make another movie.


01;06;57;27 - 01;07;30;28


And so they just turn. What I mean, Pinhead, is basically Spider-Man, which is what he's doing with the Spider-Man movies, because that's how we keep getting another Spider-Man movie, like two years to Sony to keep the rights claim ownership. Yeah. my gosh. So that maybe that's what could happen because in the new Spider-Man movie, we're having all of these villains from previous Spider-Man movies are coming to.


01;07;31;01 - 01;07;56;14


They're playing some sort of role in the new Spider-Man movie. So because I guess they're going to like open up the multiverse. So we're having like Alfred Molina is coming back as Doc Ock, even though he was technically in the other franchise. Interesting. Which if that rule now exists, there's literally no reason why Pinhead couldn't figure out his way into the universe and become a Canon Spider-Man villain.


01;07;56;17 - 01;08;38;29


There is this artist on Instagram though, that takes horror movie and blends them into Scooby Doo episodes. and I know there's no video I've seen. It's like, Yeah, yeah, that's automotive. Fine. That guy's name and or gal give him an email. We'll put that in the show notes. Yeah. By the end of Bride of Chucky, Chucky and Tiffany have successfully made it somehow made it just makes it seem so animalistic.


01;08;39;01 - 01;09;11;13


And yeah, we end with a little Chucky Tiffany baby. Yeah. Setting up the next installment, which is some consider to be the greatest film ever made. my gosh. I had a very I'm not going to get into it, but Seed had a very look who's talking opening the know. Yeah. yeah You remember that the sperm gone weird opening was a choice, but like, they did it so well in Lucas stock.


01;09;11;13 - 01;09;39;25


Yeah. Yeah, that was like, how many years earlier? And now they do it here, and it's like, I know it's a horror movie, but it's like a little CGI sperm. my gosh, Where's John Travolta when you need them? A forever for and you can't say they didn't really do a lot in that movie. And look who's talking or theater.


01;09;39;27 - 01;10;12;20


Both. Let's give credit where credit's due. Yeah, but yeah, I think it's time for our best and worst reveal of the child's play franchise. Yeah. What do you say? You know, I was thinking that my favorite reveal was from part two, but I really do love the opening credits of her child's Play three, which has that, like, possessor of, like the toy being rebuilt with, like that whole black background.


01;10;12;23 - 01;10;41;06


It's just like it's simple gets to the point. I think the first one obviously is classic, but I don't know. Yeah, I would just I love the the simplicity of the third movie's opening and how we first meet Chucky. Okay, Now in terms of like, that's just like in terms of Chucky as the audience. Yeah how was what's your favorite in terms of when Chucky meets a character?


01;10;41;09 - 01;11;04;11


I mean, I think this is this might be kind of obvious, but I think the best introduction of Chucky to a character is one that you had highlighted earlier, is when he first meets Andy's mom and spins his head around. Absolutely. When she sees that he has no batteries. It's pretty it's pretty wonderful. Hands down. The best in my.


01;11;04;11 - 01;11;33;02


Yeah, Yeah. But I do have I wouldn't say it's a close runner up, but I do have a runner up. I would my second would be that I have to mention is in child's play too. Where Phil, who's the foster dad, is coming down the stairs and Chucky, like, tripped him up with the fireplace poker and he's hanging there and right before he dies, Chucky reveals himself to be alive.


01;11;33;02 - 01;11;58;25


And so he sees what he's been denying this whole time, right before he bites it. And he can't tell anybody he's got like this look on his face where it's like a close up of the clothes of Chucky. And so the animatronics are real like, bye bye part two. They've gotten a little better. And so, like, his lips kind of moving in like, this weird way and he's got like a smirk on his face.


01;11;58;27 - 01;12;26;06


It's just so inbred or it's just allowed to really ham it up. Yes. Chucky, which is great. Everything is going to be just fine. Yeah.


01;12;26;09 - 01;12;59;00


Has to hang himself. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! But that's my runner up there. yeah. What's your worst reveal? I would my least favorite reveal of Chucky to a character in any of the movies that we covered is is actually in part three. When He attacks the CEO. I agree. Really? That whole opening scene is like, there's potential there.


01;12;59;00 - 01;13;23;25


It's fun. You know, like, he's one of many toys who are essentially being used to kill this guy. But it kind of just to pause a little flat. That's not my favorite. Yep. I'd have to agree with that. It also scares me that maybe the people who remade Child's play got an idea from the opening of Child's Play three.


01;13;23;28 - 01;13;49;21


Yeah. For controlling the other objects. Or maybe that's just society becoming connected to everything. That's probably more Tell me more accurate. No, no. I think it's absolutely just because of part three. He saw this Army man yelling across the ground and he's like, man, I know you are child's play remake. That's exactly it. But now I have to agree.


01;13;49;24 - 01;14;18;12


Child's Play three is reveal is a little weak little lackluster little touch There's retired so I guess that about wraps it up for our first half of the child's play series We've learned a lot about Chucky. I don't know if we've learned a lot, but maybe you as the listener have learned a lot. Or maybe I wouldn't give us credit the credit to say that we informed anyone of anything educated, anyone.


01;14;18;12 - 01;14;45;01


But we we certainly discussed and we did discuss. and I'm sure that there is somebody out there in our many, many listeners giving it's already episode two and we're deep in there who don't know all these things about Chucky. And I just know couldn't wait to learn. So they decided to listen to our podcast. Yeah we are.


01;14;45;04 - 01;15;06;20


That's their story. That's the important role we play in this world is is introducing people to fictional psychopathic characters and just kind of, you know, like, I don't know, just giving them the floor that they deserve. yeah. I mean, that's what we do. The name of the show, How I Met Your Monster. Yeah, people are like, And we were like, to that.


01;15;06;22 - 01;15;38;15


Well, yeah, we meet the hell out of these monsters, so you don't have to. Yeah, Yeah, we put the who know, So. Yeah. let's going you on. We put the Met and how I met your monster. That's right. That's right. You. Yeah. So next episode is going to be a little different or straying a little from the classic monster, I guess you could say.


01;15;38;18 - 01;16;08;25


Well, funny enough, the first child's play takes place in a in a building in a skyscraper here. So you would have to go up to get to these characters. And next week's episode we're actually going to be going below or beneath it, so to speak. That was a stretch, but I love it. So yes, the next week we're talking what lies beneath.


01;16;08;27 - 01;16;34;04


And so, yes, three are Robert Zemeckis. Robert Zemeckis, most likely be a lot of spoilers. So if you haven't seen the movie and you don't want it ruined for you by listening to us, you might want to check out what lies Beneath before next episode to be watched. Only a Good watch. Two It's a great watch, especially if you love just like slow burning old school haunted house movies.


01;16;34;07 - 01;17;05;14


Yeah, but the monster in this spoiler alert may not be who you think. That's right. That's right. So maybe it's exactly who you because you're setting up a subverted expectation. We'll let the we'll let the listeners decide. If you want to follow along, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram at how I your monster or you can find me on social media at Zac one sec and you can find me at Danny Salem.


01;17;05;14 - 01;18;19;21


That's two M's like the Candy Eminem's wonderful. Your mouth down your hands. So thanks for listening. And we'll be back next episode, whatever that may be, in two weeks. So thank you so much. That's a polite so. Okay, Thanks, Andy. No, please. We're friends to the end. Remember, this is Linda Friend.